Iran TV chief visit to the Netherlands cancelled

The invitation extended to the head of Iran’s national television network to visit Dutch TV network was cancelled amidst widespread protests by Iranian immigrants and reaction of Dutch parliament and media.

Ezatollah Zarghami and a panel from Seda va Sima Iranian television network were invited to visit NOS and NPO Dutch networks. Radio Zamaneh, which was informed of this invitation by a Dutch source who did not wish to be identified, immediately released the news on Tuesday, June 29.

The invitation which was extended for July 5, 2010 was arranged by the Dutch national television network and the Islamic Republic in The Hague in semi-secret fashion and consisted of a tour of the media facilities of the network in Hilversum.

Once the news was disseminated, Iranian and Dutch human rights activist protested the invitation and began organizing a demonstration for Monday July 5 which is now cancelled since Ezatollah Zarghami’s visit has been cancelled.

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