Total stops petrol sales to Iran

French energy company Total says it has stopped petrol deliveries to Iran, amid growing international pressure over Iran's nuclear programme.

Total confirmed the move days after the US Congress passed unilateral sanctions that could punish companies doing business with Iran.

The sanctions still have to be signed into law by US President Barack Obama.

The US and some allies believe Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon. Tehran says its nuclear programme is peaceful.

It was not immediately clear how much petrol Total had been supplying to Iran, or exactly when deliveries were stopped.

But the Financial Times newspaper quoted traders as saying that Total had stopped supplies about a month ago.
Dependence on imports

The US sanctions aim to stop international companies from investing in Iran's oil and gas industries or supplying it with petroleum products by preventing them from trading in the US if they trade with Iran.

Such measures are not part of the most recent round of sanctions approved by the UN, since Russia and China, both investors in Iran's energy sector, objected.

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