China Shuts Out Iran from SCO

Two weeks ago, the 10th Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Council summit, held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, approved the SCO Rules of Procedure and the regulation on procedure for future membership expansion.

Before the summit, Chinese diplomats ritually pointed out that
approval of the admission regulations was the first step in forming the
basis for a future expansion of SCO membership and would serve as a
cornerstone of the organization's rules for external links.

Behind this formality, however, was a more significant story: for now, Iran will not be allowed to join the organization.

The ostensible reason was that the SCO's regulations prescribe that "any country under UN sanctions cannot be admitted."
At the time of the meeting, Iran was subject to a 4th round of
restrictions; a few days after the meeting, the UN Security Council
passed yet another resolution.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did not attend the summit,
although he visited the Shanghai Expo and took part in celebrations at
the Iranian pavilion on June 11.  The Chinese Foreign Ministry
maintained that Ahmadinejad was only visiting the country to attend the
Expo, but... >>>

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