Second Term Blues in Tehran
alsharq alawsat

Things are not going very well for Agha Mahmoud. A year after his landslide re-election as President of the Islamic Republic, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is facing what political commentators have long labelled 'the second term blues.'

This particular affliction concerns virtually all those who serve a second term as president. Having won the re-election with the promise of 'the best is yet to come' they quickly realise that this is simply not the case.

Consider a few items with regards to President Ahmadinejad.

He had promised a reconciliation tour that was to take him to 20 of Iran's 30 provinces in a bid to heal the wounds caused by his disputed re-election. The tour was cancelled when it became clear that such an exercise could play into the hands of an opposition movement that refuses to fade away.

Also cancelled was a promised grand gathering of key regime figures to embrace one another and let the bygones be bygones. In fact, a good number of regime grandees still refuse to accept his re-election and do not refer to him as president. Worse still, some of the key organs of the regime cannot hold regular meetings because of the continued dispute over who won last year's election.

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