The realism of seeking democracy in Iran
Washington Post / Leon Wieseltier
25-Jun-2010 (4 comments)

The Khameini-Ahmedinejad "oligarchy" represses and imprisons and rapes and tortures and murders its own citizens. It also promotes theocracy and terrorism in its region and beyond. All this is pretty plain. Why is Zakaria so fearful that American foreign policy will respond to such a government with stringency and loathing?

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Zakaria is not a buffoon!!

by fooladi on

Far from it. He is an intelligent and honest political analyst. He is interpreting the facts based on his political beliefs. His political beliefs are what I consider to be "wishy washy liberal kinda left". This political belief has lots of support amongst the young (and old!) students in western universities, with Daddies rich enough to send them to harward and princeton and like. This is the same political belief which branded soviet union's leadership as murderous dictators, for banishing islamists from southern republics of soviet union to labour camps , rather than allowing them to collaborate with Nazi invadors. What is most important, this political belief has very little support amongst masses of ordinary people whos beliefs are based on realities of day to day life, rather than a weird interpretation of Das Kapital!

So instead of calling him a buffoon, start challenging his political belief's and ideas. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


is a buffoon. His only credentials are a Muslim sounding name. He is exactly what we don't need. A repeat of Jimmy Carter failed policies.

In addition: we need more than Democracy in Iran. We need secularism. That is more important. Frankly I rather see a secular dictatorship than an Islamic fake democracy.


if it talks like a neocon, acts like a neocon it is a neocon...


Scooter Libby's pal. iraq war cheerleader, Leon Wieseltier.

people like him only care about democracy if countries bend over backwards for the major powers. no doubt iranian neocons in exile love him.


right on....

by shushtari on

thanks for setting the record straight....


zakaria is a buffon