In New Film, Basij Member Accused Of Killing Neda Says He's Innocent
20-Jun-2010 (4 comments)

Abbas Javid Kargar, a member of Iran's Basij force accused of having shot dead Neda Agha Soltan at a peaceful protest in Tehran on June 20 of last year, claims he wasn't armed on that day and that he played no role in her death.

Kargar makes the claim in a new documentary on Iranian state television. The film "investigates" Neda's killing without explaining the context or mentioning last year's protests. It appears to be another attempt by Iranian authorities to place the blame on elements outside Iran.

A graphic video showing Neda's last moments of life was quickly posted on YouTube and viewed by millions of people around the world, turning her into one of the main icons of Iran' Green Movement.

Arash Hejazi, a doctor who attempted to save Neda's life, has said that some witnesses to Neda's death briefly detained Kargar on that day. A video was later posted on YouTube that appears to show Kargar being detained by protesters, who undress him and confiscate his Basij identity card.

Witnesses reportedly said they had heard Kargar shouting, "I didn't want to kill her."

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thanks for all info

by MM on

After a whole year, the basiji murderer was re-dressed in new cloths and presented to us as a victim.  What a joke.


Thanks Yolanda

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Thanks for the links



by yolanda on

Thank you for posting the article.......IRI is mean by calling Neda a foreign agent.....I am looking forward to watch the documentary "For Neda". This film has footage from Neda's home shows how Neda lived, not just how she died.......I watched the trailer:



Neda looked beautiful, modern, and stylish......she was at the prime of her life.....HBO will show the entire documentary, 70 minutes, today (6-20).....unfortuantely I don't have HBO......hopefully I can watch it later on you-tube.

thanks for all the Neda articles you have posted!


here is the video.

by azadi5 on

here is the video.