Jundallah leader Rigi executed in Iran
Press TV
19-Jun-2010 (7 comments)

Iran says it has executed ringleader of the Pakistan-based Jundallah terrorist group Abdolmalek Rigi, who was arrested earlier as he was preparing to launch a new round of attacks on the country.

Iranian security forces arrested Rigi on February 23, while he was on a flight from Dubai to Kyrgyzstan.

Rigi was charged with 79 counts of various crimes. Iranian prosecutors had demanded the death penalty for him.

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Capitol punishment is murder, plain and simple

by Bavafa on

Only they do it openly in the disguise of law and in the name of government.

US & China do it routinely but Iran does it as if it is "noghlo nabat"



Look User ID "Fooladi",

by Rosie. on

 NOW IT IS THE THIRD TIME YOU DO THIS IN ONE DAY! I repost what I wrote you today:                          User ID 'Fooladi',

by Rosie. on

You just did this yesterday on one thread and I wasn't going to say anything but now you've done it again, so I will repost from what I wrote you last week.

User ID Fooladi:  You've been here about three months. At first you didn't do it but one fine day you started calling anyone you perceive to be in a certain political camp 'User ID', to foment distrust, to 'expose' people And yet you don't use your real ID, and you have no information about who you are in your account.  And plus, you haven't written one single blog or even submitted any news (at least not under your current 'User ID)', Whereas some of these 'User ID's' as you call them have been here for three years, and whatever you think of them or their politics, for better or for worse, they have taken the time to submit many contributions to this site.

Okay, fine, so you say that proves they are IRI agents? Well, at least take the time to submit things before you try to crucify them. I mean have some class about it.


You do everything you can to discredit anyone who doesn't agree with you through baseless allegations to quell all oppositon. Sound familiar? If you ever got any power in Iran nothing would change. The prisons would be bursting at the seams with 'dissidents' and the cranes would be busy every day of the week.  

O, Brave Cyber Warrior, HOW DARE YOU WRITE THIS!

Looks like Somebody let loose the crazy islamic cyber warrier

by fooladi on Sat Jun 19, 2010 09:15 PM PDT


with dual user ID's "molla nassrullah" and "darveesh", whilst I was out enjoying my day off work on saturday!

The mad dog is very upset because the bitch is expposed as an agent of islamic regime! Good, I am glad :)


Look Fooladi, I have no great love for Iran Military Forum but at least he didn't accuse anyone of being a spy based on a 'fake ID'.


"I am sure you include yourself in the same category as Rigi, so

by fooladi on

do we"!!!

Now this "we", boys and girls is not a royal "we"!

This "we" refers to himself and multitudes of other user ID's he uses to bark on internet, 24/7, on behalf of his paymasters!


This whole story was strange

by azadi5 on

I have a hard time understanding this whole thing with Rigi, from who/what he was, to what he was doing, how he got arrested, and now he is executed. I Remember there was a documentary on him couple of years ago, I think it was produced by PBS. They showed him with his armed men, I clearly remember he had a strangely white teeth, like movies stars. That was pretty odd for someone who was living in the tough lands of south east. they showed him as a freedom fighter who also had killed his brother, or brother in law, for betraying him. very strange as how this guy was being supported and what he was actually up to. There was some hint of this guy being a CIA supported guy, like Bin Landen. but this whole thing about his arrest and execution is very suspicious. i wonder if this was for some deal that was made between IRI and some other countries.


I am sure

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

Another tragedy of IRI despicable existence. He was simply an IRI victim
like everybody else.

I am sure you include yourself in the same category as Rigi, so do we!




Another tragedy of IRI

by benross on

Another tragedy of IRI despicable existence. He was simply an IRI victim like everybody else.



by yolanda on

I can't believe it.....I read yesterday that he met his victims' families and asked for forgiveness: