Iran ranks first for road accident deaths - MP
18-Jun-2010 (one comment)

Tehran, Jun. 18 – A member of the Majlis (Parliament) Commission on Social Affairs on Friday said Iran ranked highest in the world for fatalities in road accidents.

"Every year road accidents leave 20,000 people dead and 200,000 injured. We can say that each year we are witnessing a tsunami of road accidents in Iran", Alireza Zamani told the Mehr news agency, affiliated with Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security.

"Iran ranks highest in the world in road fatalities, whereas the number of vehicles is far greater in other countries", Zamani said.

Observers point to the dismal conditions of Iran's roads and an inadequate national highway system, a by-product of poor planning and lack of government spending, as the main causes of the increasing number of road accidents and fatalities.

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by yolanda on

It is a very sad reality......the problem will not be solved overnight....'cause you have to change all the drivers' driving is a daunting task! I am pretty sure the sobering statistics hurts tourism, too!

thank you for posting the article!