Crimes By Israel, Sanctions For Iran
Dissident Voice / Kourosh Ziabari
15-Jun-2010 (11 comments)

The Iranian nation is not unfamiliar with the double standards of the superpowers anymore. The history of Iran’s relations with the western and eastern superpowers is filled with deceitfulness, dishonesty and fraudulence. The recent U.S.-proposed, Russia-backed United Nations Security Council resolution against Iran over its nuclear program is simply one example, out of hundreds of instances, which demonstrates that the big powers have not ever been honest and sincere with Iran.

While the international community is witness to the flagrant, ceaseless and unrelenting felonies of the illegitimate regime of Israel in the occupied territories of Gaza and West Bank, the United Nations Security Council voted in favor of an unfair and unjustifiable round of sanctions against the most pacifist and peace-loving country in the region, simply because it wants to develop its civilian nuclear program domestically and without foreign intervention.

The new round of sanctions against Iran comes in the wake of Israel’s continued blockade of the Gaza strip in violation of the UNSC resolution 1860 which demanded Tel Aviv last year to end the siege and allow the humanitarian aids to be transferred to the beleaguered enclave. More interestingly, the UNSC resolution against Iran was adopted while the international community was expecting a decisive and clear-cut reaction to Israel’s assault on the convoy of humanitarian aid heading from Turkey towards the Gaza strip.

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Irani Irani

O Rapist Regime Groupie No Fear

by Irani Irani on

Look at the Subject line, it's not addressed to you. In addition, you have no ideas to offer other than to tout the "progress" being made by the worst regime in Iranian history, aka the Democratic People's Islamic Republic of Iran. The propaganda put out by West-residing Rapist Regime Groupies regarding their Islamist Paradise is nearly as persuasive as that put out by West-residing Stalinists about the Workers Paradise. BTW, I will continue to dish out insults to Rapist Regime Groupies, whether or not you agree to "take" it.

No Fear

Oh.. Irani Irani

by No Fear on

I skipped your reply entirely. Who is going to read that without any paragraphs? I will take your insults , but not an essay with no paragraphs. Please fix it up.

Irani Irani

Response to Abarmard

by Irani Irani on

Iran has created some sort of security and environment to develop technologies otherwise forbidden with least costly method. The other option, of course, is to fall in to the laps of the Western countries and let them decide what to do. 

How has the IRI's foreign policy created "security" for Iranians? By trying to "export the Revolution"? That policy was one of the reasons for the initiation and prolongation of the Iran-Iraq War. Of course, Saddam was the aggressor in starting actual hostilities, but Khomeini and his desire to "export the Revolution" made the IRI less than innocent. Just compare the period 1941-1979 versus 1979-Present and ask yourselves if Iranians live in greater security now versus then. How many Iranians died in wars then versus under the IRI?And for what, so IRI can buy and copy military "technology" from N. Korea, China, and Russia (Iran's Number One historic enemy) rather than the U.S.? So it can make major concessions to Russia on the Caspian Sea? Is that the great "independence" achieved at the cost of trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives? The U.S. and other countries even helped Iran with its nuclear program! Of course, it's only natural in politics as in life to help parties that support you and oppose parties that try to pick a fight with you--which is exactly what the IRI has been doing, i.e. trying to pick a fight with the U.S., Israel, Saddam, etc. By the 1970s, Iran had fostered decent relations with its neighbors, including the USSR, and Iraq was scared enough of Iran to sign the 1975 Algiers accord largely on Iran's terms. It had decent relations with most of the Arab countries except for the PLO, Hafez Assad in Syria, and Qaddafi in Libya. It had decent relations with Eastern and Western European countries, and yes, with the U.S. and Israel too. I support a democratic republic for Iran, and I am NOT a monarchist. I feel the Shah, as ruler of the country, had the biggest share of blame for the Revolution happening--though not the only, since the Islamist and Marxist opposition also engaged in deliberate acts of mass murder, provocation, countless lies, and exaggerations. The IRI came to power with the words "Death to..." on its lips and hostage-taking as some of its first actions. Do you think the IRI's tendency from its very first days of seeking confrontation with the U.S. (and the USSR too, when it was around) is likely to make Iranians more secure? Do you really believe that? Surely, there could have been a more constructive way for Iran to assert its "independence" than taking U.S. diplomats hostage and making itself synonymous with hostage-taking, bombing embassies, death fatwas, "Death to America", and "Death to Israel" (despite the fact that Israel actually gave some assistance to Iran during the war, and the PLO sided with Saddam!). Look at India: for decades India sided with the USSR against the U.S. and Nehru helped found the Non-Aligned Movement. Despite that, it now still manages to enjoy decent relations with the U.S., because India never took U.S. diplomats hostage or helped bomb U.S. embassies. I'm not saying the U.S. is innocent, but the IRI's policy of seeking confrontation with the U.S. is against the interests of most Iranian people, though perhaps the IRI's leaders find the distraction useful for their own interests. Israel does not occupy one inch of Iranian land, so why does the IRI insist on seeking confrontation with Israel? To free Holy Qods? Who cares? On the one hand, Iraqi Arabs killed 500,000 Iranians with most of the Arabs supporting Iraq--and yet, IRI still supports radical Arab causes, and they keep taking Iran's money. You think Arabs will go and give their lives for Khamenei in case the U.S. or Israel decide to attack? The "Arab street" was supposed to rise up during Gulf War I in 1991. Nothing happened. Then, it was supposed to rise up in Gulf War II in 2003. Nothing happened. Do you expect the Arab street to do anything useful for Iran? Does past experience teach you anything


I hope this can answer some of your questions

by Abarmard on

The Geo-political strategies are way different than internal struggles to reach freedom. For many Countries the hope to reach higher grounds to have more room for negotiation is desirable for all governments. Nothing different with Iran.

Internally you must support all the movements that helps bringing better life style along with rights and freedom while internationally separate what would benefit Iran in the long run.

No Fear has a point in this regard. Iran has created some sort of security and environment to develop technologies otherwise forbidden with least costly method. The other option, of course, is to fall in to the laps of the Western countries and let them decide what to do. Although attractive to some, in the long-run will not provide any fruits, as the last hundred years shows us. Iran is not Turkey or Iraq, Iran is a country that super powers want to keep down.

Best route, separate the Iranian struggles with Western unreasonable demands. You see IR, West sees Iran wanting to gain regional advantage.

If you absolutely positive that going Western ways are the path to go, then arguments are useless. In the mean time, we all should agree that People rights should be our first priority. 


IRI hypocrites

by Fair on

cry about Gaza and Palestinian and Lebanese victims, but how often do they actually even admit (let alone take responsibility) their own crimes, such as the cold blooded murder of a human being for simply subscribing to a peaceful religion:


The stink of the Islamic rapist hypocrisy is very strong.  History will be witness that your fate will be no different than the other rapists- Alexander, Omar, and Genghis.  You will be gone, and Iran will be around.  Weeds come and go, trees with deep roots live on.

You are nothing but a bunch of murderers and thugs who want to tell the world to look somewhere else while you commit your crimes.  Well KOOR KHOONDEED.  You will pay, big time.


Irani Irani

West-residing Rapist Regime Cheerleader at it again

by Irani Irani on

What's it with you and Phoney Sargord Pirouz (aka Mark Pirooz) and your obsession with the word, "Cheerleader"? Which moron is borrowing from the other? Perhaps the 2 morons are sharing 1 very tiny brain? Or are they just different names for the same West-residing cancerous IRI cyber groupie? The only licking of crap (as well as unscrubbed mollah bungholes) is being done by those Cyber Groupies who refuse to even live in their Islamist Rapist Paradise. Get the hell out of the West!

Palestine and Lebanon are important strategical countries for Iran and we have gained a lot ( Prevented a war with Israel ) by supporting the just causes of the freedom fighters of Hamas and hezbollah.

Islamist Rapists can NEVER ever be "freedom fighters", because their entire garbage ideology is opposed to freedom. Freedom is what animals like you living in a decent Western country enjoy. Arab hellholes like South Lebanon are the exact opposite of freedom. But if you think things are so good there, get the hell out of the West! Of course, all this talk from a West-residing Rapist Regime cyber groupie is just that: talk. Otherwise, why would said Groupie live in the West, rather than among the subhuman "freedom fighters" of beautiful, green Gaza?

Our oil and gas contracts drilling rights will be given to Texas based companies for the next 50 years ( As in Iraq )

That is the biggest bunch of crap. In fact, U.S. companies have largely been closed out of Iraq's big oil deals, and these deals have been quite favorable to the Iraqi government. Even a left-leaning and anti-war/anti-occupation journalist like Patrick Cockburn of The Independent has written about it. But naturally, economic illiterates who have run Iran's economy into the ground and who hand out contracts to thieving regime cronies cannot be speak one single honest fact.

Keep bringing it, Rapist Regime Groupie, keep bringing it. Islamist cockroaches get squashed when the lights are turned on (reference: Gulf War I, Gulf War II, Six Day War, Sinai War, etc, etc, etc).  

No Fear

Anti Iran cheerleaders at it again

by No Fear on

Hello quadrupedals !  I missed having a nice and constructive debate with you. You may start by licking the boots of american soldiers clean of any crap off their feet in Iraq and Afghanistan before suggesting more american intervention in the middle east.

Smart wars are not won on your soil. Get that in to your heads. It is better for a nation to take the war to the door steps of its enemy and away from your country.

Palestine and Lebanon are important strategical countries for Iran and we have gained a lot ( Prevented a war with Israel ) by supporting the just causes of the freedom fighters of Hamas and hezbollah. This is a mutual beneficial relationship between us and them. To withdraw our support and to abandone these freedom fighters is to sent an invitation to attack to Israel and US.

Once our ties with Hamas and hezbollah is severed ( And since we have not spent billions and billions to upgrade our military ), we will be bombed down to the stone ages as we have seen in Iraq and Afhganistan. Every single industry and manufacture that can be bought again from a US firm, will be bombed down. Our oil and gas contracts drilling rights will be given to Texas based companies for the next 50 years ( As in Iraq ). Our nuclear energy industry will be completely dismantled , etc etc .

However, the benefits of such an attack will be that after a puppet government is installed, we will be buying those fighter jets that gives you a hard on for the price of 100 million dollars each! To have a 100 of them will cost you 10 billion dollars! without training or services! oh yes.... and we will have democracy and you can wear shorts in Tehran while sipping on an american margarita or doing " BJ" shooters. You pathetic bache soosools....

No thank you !  I will stick to my support of the rightful struggle of palestinians and the hezbollah. It is a hell of a lot cheaper and safer!


Anonymous Observer

Payam Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

It's actually perfect IRI reasoning.  For the past 31 years, the IRI has connected the fate of the Iranian people, and its treatment of the Iranian people to the Israeli / Palestinian conflict.  It's no surprise that its agents and clowns do the same online.  

Irani Irani

More delusions from West-residing IRI Groupie No Fear

by Irani Irani on

The very least outcome of this policy was to have two important country not agreeing with the sanctions along with the entire NAM countries.

The 2 votes against the sanctions by Turkey and Brazil changed nothing about the vote except for some silly, feel-good measures by a couple Third World countries whose contribution to science and technology is a tiny fraction of what the U.S. contributes. The resolution passed. Period. Now, of course, these sanctions do not go nearly far enough. If the First World democracies, led by the U.S., want to have any chance of confronting the Rapist Regime in a meaningful way, then they need to get at the source of the Rapist's stolen loot, i.e. their oil money.

No Fear

It makes perfect sense

by No Fear on

Without the aggressive diplomatic push by the US state department for sanction against Iran , the UN security council wouldn't agree to sanctions.

The US believes the sanction are needed to gaurantee PEACE in the middle east since it will prevent Iran to make a bomb.

Iran is showing that hypocrisy has its limits and rightfully playing the Israel card to argue that if US was really against weapon of mass distructions and PEACE in the middle east, they need to take a look at Israel. Justice is for all , not for a few selected. This is exploiting US double standard and is necessary to create divide among a bloc. The very least outcome of this policy was to have two important country not agreeing with the sanctions along with the entire NAM countries.



What does this two have to do with eachother?

by پیام on

Israel must be punished for the violence they committed against those who fought them on the flotilla after Israel illegitimately entered their ships in international waters. But their actions do not relate to i.r.'s nuclear issue. Two separate subjects.Typical i.r. reasoning.