What if the Obama administration fully sided with Iran's Green Movement?
washington Post
13-Jun-2010 (2 comments)

A YEAR ago on Saturday, a movement was born that offers the best chance of ending the threat posed by Iran's support for terrorism and pursuit of nuclear weapons. Millions of Iranians turned out to vote against the extremist government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a presidential election -- and were outraged when the regime announced an improbable landslide victory for the incumbent. Since then, what is now known as the Green Movement has swelled into the most consequential challenge ever mounted to Iran's Islamic theocracy. Through sheer brutality -- shootings, mass arrests, tortures, rapes and executions -- the regime has mostly driven it off the streets; leaders called off demonstrations that had been planned for Saturday. But the popular revulsion with Iran's rulers that drives the opposition has not faded.

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The most troublesome aspect

by benross on

The most troublesome aspect of this idea is that, since as the article mentions, the so called green movement is leaderless, U.S should pick a leader for them. This will completely destroy the momentum of the movement. When the movement evolved into an organized entity with leadership, things will change. In the meantime, Obama is doing exactly what he should do. Give time and space for the movement to evolve.

On our side, the worst thing we can do is to dump our own responsibilities to decision making of a foreign country. It's for us to tell the world when we are ready. Not the other way around.



by Fatollah on

He won't, why? it's easier to cope with a lunatic then a sane and wiser adversary!

just another popet prez.

I take back my earlier comments about the man.