The shrinking number of loyalists around the Ayatollah Khamenei are shaken by their failure to break the will of the opposition.
Wall Street Journal / Michael Leeden
12-Jun-2010 (2 comments)

Today is the first anniversary of the fraudulent election that kept President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in power, igniting huge demonstrations all over Iran. At the time, very few outside observers believed that most Iranians hated the regime of "Supreme Leader" Ali Khamenei and Mr. Ahmadinejad and were willing to risk their lives to bring it down.

Having failed to recognize the intensity and dimensions of the opposition, many Iran observers performed a neat about-face, concluding that the regime was doomed and would be brought down in the near future. Yet while there have been many demonstrations this past year, the regime ...

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roushan boodam

Oh, please...

by roushan boodam on

Why don't you try posting some news and see if you get featured before you go around making accusations? Do you know how many items of your friend Iran Military Forum get featured? And the one before him, Shah Ghollem? Four months you've been here and you haven't submitted one single thing.

And then you go on the thread of a video of a beautiful young woman dying of being shot in the heart as the very first poster and the first thing you have to say is 'rolling on the floor laughing' and you think you have the moral high ground?

Oh, sorry, right. The Greens killed her. You already explained. So that's what made it so funny.



lolol Michael Ledeen

by amgw4 on

wow this site really is an israeli propaganda website.