Iran's defiant Green movement vows to fight on
Guardian / Saeed Kamali Dehghan and Ian Black
11-Jun-2010 (one comment)

Iran's opposition Green movement, fighting for democracy since last year's disputed election, has not been crushed despite having to call off protests in the face of government repression, says a defiant Zahra Rahnavard, the wife of the defeated reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi.

Rahnavard, a high-profile academic, sculptor and campaigner for women's rights, says she is prepared to "face the gallows" in the struggle for freedom – but insists the movement her husband leads is reformist, not revolutionary, and wants to see respect for the Iranian constitution.

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, her first for a British newspaper since mass unrest erupted last June, Rahnnavard lambasts the Islamic regime for its "Tiananmen-style" attack on demonstrators protesting that their votes had been stolen by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

"This movement started with the simple question: 'Where is my vote?'" she said. "But because the response was violence and bullets and repression from the ruling regime, the situation entered another phase which was completely unpredictable. People's demands have changed so now there are more fundamental questions and more intensive criticism of the regime. The Islamic republic has deviated from its path and goals.

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The Islamic Rapist Republic has always had one Aim

by mahmoudg on

and that was to kill as many Iranians as it could, and your husband was in the thick of it for 10 years .  Dont, for a minute think you and your husband are any better than Khomeini and Khamenei for having done what you did to our beloved Persia.  You will be brought to justice alongside your husband and Khamenei, when this regime falls and with it this Arab Cult we call Islam.  you are as dirty as the rest of the them.