Iran opens first women-only bank branch
08-Jun-2010 (3 comments)

TEHRAN — Iran has opened a women-only branch of a bank in the religious northeastern city of Mashhad in a bid to promote Islamic culture, newspapers reported on Tuesday.

A branch of the state-owned Bank Melli started operating on Monday in Mashhad with an all-female staff including security guards, Tehran Emrouz daily said.

"It is aimed at promoting a culture of chastity and increasing security for the participation of Muslim Iranian women in society," Bank Melli chief Mahmoud Reza Khavari was quoted as saying.

Many among Iran's hardline authorities and clerics favour segregation of the sexes and find mingling of unrelated men and women to be corrupting, despite women being required to observe the Islamic dress code in public.

Some university classes are segregated in Iran and women travel in the back of public buses though they are squeezed in with men in shared taxis.

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"...women travel in the back of public buses..."

by Rea on

Appalling !

As for the banks, there are men, my husband included, who would ban all women from entering any bank. ;o)

IranFirst: "Iran-e" sounds very much like the world of Ipazia, "Baudolino", Umberto Eco.


isllamic regime

by fooladi on

Are their own worst enemy. Good!



by IranFirst on

I am afraid we have reached a point that we will need two independent
countries, one for men (Iran) and one for women (Iran-e). This will
solve lots of the problems and it is very Islamic and simple. There
would be no need for female-only buses, schools, banks, beaches,....any
Its really very simple. In Iran (all men) , the Islamists won't have to
protect women like children anymore and don't have to worry about what
women wear any more, or if their hair is showing, there would be
no need for Basijis and moral police. In Iran-e women can wear what
they want, no hejab, they can sing and dance and read what they want
and play soccer if they wish to do so, in other words they can live
like human beings again. The children will be produced by artificial
insemination only and the boys will be sent to Iran after birth to be
raised by the good Islamic fathers. The girls will be kept in Iran-e.

Its good for all, and very Islamic. I am afraid we need two Irans; Iran and Iran-e..

ایران و ایرانه