From Kayhan to Evin
PBS / Golab P.

Mohammad Nourizad is a writer, producer and journalist. He began working for IRIB under Morteza Avini, producing the documentary series on the Iran-Iraq war, Revayateh Fath [Tales of Resistance].

Prior to the election, he wrote for the hardline newspaper Kayhan, but what made him a household name was his support of the opposition after the election, and his letters to the supreme leader, for which he is now serving time in prison. He published a fifth letter to the leader on Friday.

In this letter, he recounts meeting Tehran's prosecutor general, Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi.

They lead me every which way while I am blindfolded. When I enter the room, I see a forty-something-year-old man sitting across a long table. He shows me the other end of the table and I sit down. After the usual greetings,

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