15 Executions in 10 Days
01-Jun-2010 (6 comments)

RAHANA – At least 15 people have been executed in Iran since May 21. Iran has the highest number of executions after China.
On May 31, 2 prisoners were hanged at Shirvan Prison for drug trafficking. Both prisoners had been arrested in Northern Khorasan, and sentenced to death by a revolutionary court in Shirvan. The authorities did not reveal the names and the ages of the 2 executed prisoners.
According to Farsnews, on May 21, an individual identified by his first name, Mohammad, was hanged at Isfahan Prison. He was sentenced to death for killing a woman in 2003.
On May 29, the public relations department of the Isfahan Prosecutor’s office announced that Jamal S., an Afghan national, was executed. He was convicted on drug (heroin) possession charges, but had no prior convictions.
On May 25, Sistan & Balouchestan justice department announced that an individual indentified as Jamshid Mir was hanged for committing rape. Mir had been arrested on March 22, 2010.
On May 23, unofficial sources reported that 5 prisoners, including a woman, were hanged at Rasht Prison. The news has not been confirmed by the authorities.
On May 23, Khuzestan justice department announced that S. R. was hanged at Karoon Prison in Ahvaz for drug trafficking. He was sentenced to death by a revolutionary court for possession of 675 grams of heroin.
According to unofficial sources, on May 25, 4 inmates at Yazd Central Prison were moved to solitary confine... >>>

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Thank You IranFirst

by Escape on

For your time and mathematic's responding to my query..As I had suspected,worse than China's deathly oppression.What a disgraceful looming acheivement for Iran.

Anonymous Observer

Terrorizing the population

by Anonymous Observer on

in advance of the election anniversary.  That's what the IRI mafia and terror machine is trying to do.

Thanks for posting this chilling news.   



by yolanda on

Thank you for posting the article......one of the guys was arrested in March 2010 and executed in May 2010.......it is almost like summary execution!

IRI is pretty desperate! 


Article below says it all ...

by sag koochooloo on

A Culture of Death

Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, after receiving various reports from inside the prisons, wrote to Khomeini, "Do you know the crimes that are taking place in the jails of the Islamic Republic did not even take place during the Shah's regime? Many people have died due to torture." Khomeini dismissed the issue.

Mohsen Kadivar, an enlightened cleric, said it all too well; the dadgostari of the Shah's time was much more humane than all the courts of the Islamic Regime. In these courts, the innocent and the guilty are all mixed and the sentences are carried out swiftly. No time wasted. No stay of execution in almost all cases even if the Constitution of the Islamic Republic states otherwise.



by IranFirst on

for 2009 numbers Please see






388 (at least), with population of 74.2 million, the per capita was =0.000005



Even If we take the higher estimate for China (5000 executions) and with the population of 1.34 billion, the per capita was 0.000004


IRI's per capita for executions was higher than China in 2009


What is the Population Ratio

by Escape on

per execution between China and Iran?