Terrorism Redefined: Interpol at Islamic Republic’s Service

Democratic governments allow acts of dissention and protest by their citizens, whereas totalitarian regimes treat even peaceful dissent and protest, as a criminal act. Since June 12, 2009, the world has witnessed the Iranian police force transformed into agents of terror, against their fellow Iranians.

The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has shown an unwavering capacity to intimidate, disrupt, disable, and eliminate its political opponents. Since formation of the Islamic Republic in 1979, IRI has ruled its people by intimidation, brute force and terror. Victimized as well are Iranian dissidents living outside Iran, with over 200 assassination attempts in 21 plus countries targeting this group.

Iranian intelligence agents and their hired Hezbollah and Hamas assassins have murdered political activists in countries as diverse as the United States, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Iraq, Cyprus, Dubai, France, Pakistan and Turkey. Despite these atrocities, the West continues to misunderstand the unrelenting and sinister mindset of the Islamic regime and, regrettably, by its ill-conceived policies of dialogue and appeasement encourages and emboldens the regime's twisted and deadly behavior.

The regime's policy of eliminating any opposition remains unchanged. The only new pattern unfolding demonstrates Iran's refined tactics. Despite the fact that Interpol has issued a Red Notice on many top level IRI officials, Iran has started using international loophol... >>>

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