Iran speaker: will ditch fuel plan if new sanctions
23-May-2010 (one comment)

(Reuters) - Iran will abandon an atomic fuel swap plan brokered by Turkey and Brazil if the United States imposes new sanctions on the Islamic state, Iran's parliament speaker said on Sunday.

In remarks broadcast on state-owned IRIB, Ali Larijani said Tehran could also review its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

"If the Americans want to seek adventure, whether in the U.N Security Council or in (the U.S.) Congress, all the efforts of Turkey and Brazil will be in vain and this path will be abandoned," said Larijani, an influential conservative.

"In this situation parliament will make a different decision over Iran's cooperation with the IAEA."

Parliament has the power to oblige the government to change its cooperation with the IAEA, as it did in 2006 after the Vienna-based agency voted to report Iran to the Security Council.

A day earlier, another senior lawmaker said Tehran planned to go ahead with the deal reached with Turkey and Brazil despite a new sanctions resolution pending at the United Nations.

Iran's official news agency IRNA said on Friday Iran will hand an official letter to the IAEA on Monday with details of the agreement with Brazil and Turkey.

The IAEA brokered the basis of the deal last October in talks involving Iran, France, Russia and the United States but it soon unraveled amid Iranian demands for amendments. Larijani was a critic of that plan.

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Dan Huck

Speaker Larijani Wants Iran to Pick Up Marbles and Leave

by Dan Huck on

Looking for love in all the wrong places

King David must have had international relations in mind when he wrote "Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death".

Do we expect the US to change on a dime? Our nature is to operate adversarially. In my opinion, the war party strategizers, the supporters of the 'track one' approach, would like nothing better than seeing Iran shoot itself in it's foot by walking away from this swap - "They're not nice, we're not going to play with them anymore"

The only way for Iran to help itself, and for others to continue helping, is for Iran to show the world it's nuclear intentions are peaceful and to continue to assume the positive. The dual track does not have to be a 'heads I win, tails, you lose' scenario, however, because the MSM only reports "the news that's fit to print" in their opinion, and, for the moment, the overwhelming power of the neocon and Israel 'war party' lobby is all-pervasive, it seems that way.

If Iran, Turkey and Brazil continue to 'roll up their sleeves, and refuse to fight', the lives of many American and Iranian people may be saved.

Think of the dual track as if track one is represented by the attitude of the war party, and track two as represented by the hopes of the innocent people whose lives are at stake if there were to be a conflict. Address the US and the UN Security Council AS IF they are true representatives of this track, go ahead with the formal letter to the IAEA as if you had the warm support of people who are in favor of diplomacy.

Don't allow 'track one' people to trick you into inappropriate behavior. In the world today, people cannot pick up their marbles and stomp off the playing field, or at least those who behave that way do not win the battle for the hearts and minds of the international community.