France frees killer of ex-Iran PM Shapour Bakhtiar
18-May-2010 (29 comments)

A French court has ordered the release of an Iranian convicted for the 1991 murder of Iran's ex-Prime Minister Shapour Bakhtiar.

Ali Vakili Rad was expected to be released from prison and flown home to Tehran, his lawyer said.

The move comes just days after Iran freed French teacher Clotilde Reiss, who was charged with spying after Iran's disputed presidential election.

France has denied it made any pact with Iran to secure her release.

Vakili Rad's lawyer, Sorin Margulis, also denied any deal. "This must not be seen as an exchange," he said.

Vakili Rad was convicted in 1994 for assassinating Mr Bakhtiar, who had fled Iran after the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

Engineer released

Mr Bakhtiar was the final prime minister to serve under Shah Reza Pahlavi, heading the regency council the Shah set up when he left Tehran at the start of 1979. He fled to Paris in 1980.

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Darius Kadivar

Your welcome vildemose Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

You see Now why I have always insisted that the support by Iran to the Hezbollah and Hamas has never been Innocent ...


DK: thank you for the info.

by vildemose on

DK: thank you for the info. Very telling.


Mehrdad: Your sources

by vildemose on


Your sources proved that you were wrong labeling her as a spy. Please admit that you jumped to the conclusion too quickly. I have done that in the past and have no qualms accepting that my judgment could be faulty at times.

I wouldn't be surprised that this former French agent is out to make a few buck at her expense and perhpas with the approval of French government to make this  sleazy deal on behalf of the French people  a little bit more palatable for the public consumption.

Darius Kadivar

Anic Naccache - Massoud Hendi,, Wahid Gorgi et les Autres ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Lebanese Terrorist Anice Nacchace is today a respectable Businessman who travels regularly between Beirut and Tehran as a strategic Constultant to Iran's presidency ( probably defending HAMAS and HEZBOLLAH interests ...). He tried to assassinate Bakhtiar back in the 1980's which failed but led to the crippling of a French woman shot in the spine and the death of a French policeman.

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: First Assassination Attempt on Shapour Bakhtiar (1980)

Nacchache was set free in exchange for other French hostages in Lebanon.

In 1998 another of Bakhtiar's Assassins Massoud Hendi, was set free because French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine made his first State visit to Iran after the Revolution to meet Reformist President Khatami:

Paris offre un cadeau diplomatique a l'iran. Un protagoniste de l'assassinat de Chapour Bakhtiar est libéré à trois semaines de la visite de Védrine à Téhéran.

In 1988  Presidential Debate Chirac Mitterand on Wahid Gorgi ( accused of complicity in terrorists plots in Paris killing hundreds of innocent parisians in the summer)  :


The Judge Gilles Boulouque in charge of the investigation Commited Suicide in mysterious circumstances :








by Bavafa on

when you can not respect and stand behind your own words how can you expect any body else respect it.

"As far as I'm concerned, the sources were irrelevant to that topic of her innocent or guilt as a spy and actually proved the opposite"

Then by asking for the source, you made a hypocrite out of yourself, since you had already made up your mind.

I am done discussing this with you.


Darius Kadivar

His liberation is Totally Disgusting But Alas Legal ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I am the last to defend this decision but the fellow's liberation is alas CONVENIENTLY Legal ...

Both the French and the Iranians knew this so they played on time with an advantage for the Iranians in that they held an innocent French student hostage who even if proved guilty of espionage charges was anything but an assassin.

On the otherhand Ali Vakili Rad's life imprisonment was subject to a reduction to 18 years for good conduct.

This court decision was made back in 1992 so he would have been set free at some point all the more that no family member of Bakhtiar is alive to protest against this liberation ...

pictory: Guy Bakhtiar arrives at Father's Funeral (August 7th,1991)

pictory: Bakhtiar and Children Born to French Wife (1970's)

This does not mean that the French government did not take advantage of this convenient Coincidence in bargaining Clotild Reiss' Freedom with that of Vakili Rad and the other Iranian businessman.

I don't know if there is any family member of Bakhtiar's secretary Soroush Katibeh to protest against this extradition ?

PARIS GATHERING: Shapour Bakhtiar and Soroush Katibeh memory honored in Paris (FRANCE)

The Diaspora however should and Can continue to Protest and try and express their Discontent in this regard all the more that the French Political Arena is divided as to this decision.

French Socialist Spokesman criticized the French Government's lack of transparency and the French Press strongly echoed the discontent and embarrassment in regard to this CONVENIENT Coincidence between the two liberations ...

For Those who speak French :

Watch Program C'est Dans L'Air - 17th May 2010 ( You will need Plugin Download )



by Onlyiran on

Do not waste your time with "Bavafa".  The only "vafa" that he has is to Palestine and the IRI.  He believes everything that every Tom, Dick and Adbdullah writes about the "west", but when it comes to IRI hostage taking, he has to second guess it and say that the person was a spy.

Don't waste your time with these creatures.  There are a handful of them on this site.  


DK jan: His so-called

by vildemose on

DK jan: His so-called sources did not substantiate his claim that she was a spy. As far as I'm concerned, the sources were irrelevant to tht topic of her innoce or guilt as a spy and actually proved the opposite.

Darius Kadivar

Regarding Bavafa's Sources I have mine ...

by Darius Kadivar on

The Ex Agent Pierre Siramy is Trying to sell his Book ... 

And contradicts himself ... all the more that Agents are entitled to "droit de Reserve" ... He was retired and could not have access neither to the department he describes nor was working at the time to be able to vouch for his accusations against Reisse.  

25 ans dans les services secrets (Broché) by Pierre Siramy

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Sick but not

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


a surprise. France actively promoted Khomeini and the IRI. France is an active supporter of IRI. Why does it surprise anyone they would let a murderer go. I am really suprised they don't fly him to Iran on Air France.


why am I not surprised??!!

by shushtari on

the french are really the scum of the earth.....right there at the bottom with the brits and bacteria


let's look at how they have screwed iran and it's people since 1978:


-nurtured and provided world wide propaganda platform for akhoond khomeini.

-prolonged the iran-iraq war by selling billions of weapons to the iraqis.

-turned a blind eye (and likely help orchestrate) the murder and assassination of hundred of brave iranians like dr bakhtiar, shahriar shafiq, and gen oveissi.....all individuals who were a mortal threat to khomeini and his band of vultures

-billions of dollars worth of contracts with the akhoonds' vile regime to aid in the siphoning off of irans vast oil and natural gas reserves.

-and on and on.


now, the release of this pig who gutted dr bakhtiar......I wonder what their justification is here- oh he just cut someones head of at the order of khomeini.....but he is a reformed butcher now?!!!


no wonder the french's not from not using deodorant or shaving their arm pits LOL 


This is sick

by MRX1 on

letting this murderer go. I suspect we will soon see him as an ambasador, cultural attache or some other position out side of Iran. you can count on it.


whatever bavafa....

by vildemose on

whatever bavafa. I let others to judge for themselves.


Vildemose: Are you for real?

by Bavafa on

Please help me understand your logic!

How am I being disingenuous? I said in my comment that it was reported (mind you by a reputable news paper) that she was reporting to MI6. You turned and asked me how I KNOW? I corrected you that I don't know… I only said that it was reported. Is this being disingenuous?

Did you miss the part of my comment that "lets condemn both IRI and France for trading justice for politics?"

It may help looking inward a bit next time you accuse some one.  If you were not interested in the source... why did you ask for one?  Were you looking for paystub?

That is what I call disingenuous.




Related to Rumsfeld?

by vildemose on

Bavafa: Here is what you wrote:

 there are confirmed reports that the "teacher" did have a second job and that was reporting to France MI6. So, it is not that she was innocent and minding her own business and IRI just took her hostage.

Bavafa: Both articles base their alleged accusation on one source of heresay. This is not proof that she was a spy.

You're being disingenious.  You injecting moral equivalency and relativistic arguments into every uspeakable IRI crimes and atrocities are also starting to sound like Rumsefeldian paradoxical poetry.


It uses playful language to address the most somber subjects: war, terrorism, mortality. Much of it is about indirection and evasion: He never faces his subjects head on but weaves away, letting inversions and repetitions confuse and beguile. His work, with its dedication to the fractured rhythms of the plainspoken vernacular, is reminiscent of William Carlos Williams'. Some readers may find that Rumsfeld's gift for offhand, quotidian pronouncements is as entrancing as Frank O'Hara's.

The Unknown
As we know,
There are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know
There are known unknowns.
That is to say
We know there are some things
We do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns,
The ones we don't know
We don't know.

—Feb. 12, 2002, Department of Defense news briefing



This is sick, but was there an exchange deal w/ Clotilde Reiss

by MM on

who just got release?


Vildemose: It is not that I know...

by Bavafa on


Bavafa:How do you know she

by vildemose on

Bavafa:How do you know she was a "western Spy"? Please provide link and sources to your assertion.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I had (and still have) very high respect for Rabin. It was a tragedy that he was murdered just as he was about to make peace. I remember right after there was a strong general feeling towards making peace among Israeli people. It was  tragic that Palestinian radicals poisoned the air by bombings right afterwards which ruined the changes of Labor winning and the rest is history.

It is very unfortunate that leaders who are capable and want peace keep getting murdered. While the murderers get away with it. 

You have my full sympathies. As this sort of thing hurts all people.



by Bavafa on

I agree with the notion that since one criminal is doing it, it does not make it right. But I believe the point here was to point out the hypocrisy of some of the members here. As I often say, one need to speak out against all criminals and not be selective or even worse, praise one and condemn the other.

Also, there are confirmed reports that the "teacher" did have a second job and that was reporting to France MI6. So, it is not that she was innocent and minding her own business and IRI just took her hostage. But again, for some of our members here… a Western spy is just a cute & innocent person and if they spied, then good for them. Sort of reminds you of the saying "choseshon boo gool beedeh"

So, lets condemn both IRI and France for trading justic for politics.



Old article but a Must Read

by vildemose on

Dialogue of murder
A cautionary tale that must not be forgotten

By Cyrus Kadivar
January 26, 2003
The Iranian

Iran's clerical regime, which the European Union has unwittingly appeased for decades, continues to claim unashamedly that it does not condone, much less support terrorism. And yet, the testimony and documentary evidence including annual reports by the United Nations, the U.S Department of State, and other concerned bodies, human rights groups, and the world press have established beyond any doubt that the leadership of the Islamic Republic has throughout the past 23 years authorised, sponsored, and directed acts terror around the globe including the liquidation of over 120 Iranian dissidents in their chosen countries of exile by assassins dispatched from Tehran. It is a cautionary tale that must not be forgotten.


French exile and series of

by vildemose on

French exile and series of assassination attempts

, Shapour Bakhtiar led the National Movement of Iranian 
 attempt in his home in the Parisian suburb, Suresnes


Suresnes is a commune in the western suburbs of Paris, France. It is located . from the center of Paris. It is one of the most densely populated municipalities in Europe. The nearest communes are Neuilly-sur-Seine, Puteaux, Rueil-Malmaison, Saint-Cloud and Boulogne-Billancourt...

, which killed a policeman and a neighbor. But on August 7, 1991, Bakhtiar was murdered along with his secretary, Soroush Katibeh, by three assassins in his home.

The inquest found that he was stabbed by a knife matching a nearby blood stained bread knife.

Bakhtiar's dead body was not found until at least 36 hours after his death, despite the fact that he had heavy police protection and that his killers had left ID (presumably faked) with a guard at his house. Two of the assassins escaped to Iran, but the third, Ali Vakili Rad, was apprehended in Switzerland , as well as an alleged accomplice, Zeyal Sarhadi, a great-nephew of former president of Iran Hasemi Rafsanjani , and both were extradited to France for trial. Vakili Rad was sentenced to life in prison in December 1994, although Sarhadi was acquitted.

Shapour Bakhtiar is buried in Montparnasse Cemetery




by humanbeing on

the assassin of rabin, who in fact assassinated ME peace (again) has received the ultimate punishment by law, life sentence in solitary, but is allowed to procreate! i empathize with your anger, as different as the cases are.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

It is

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


sick. The bastard murdered PM Bakhtiar Iran's last partiotic leader. Then gets to go home. 

MeyBokhor .. this Israel thing is getting old. Just because the mafia manages to get a thug off the hook it does not mean it is right.

I hope the bastard lives long enough in Iran until the IRI is gone. Then gets a new trial in Iran for the murder with a new sentence. This time a bit harsher than 16 years.


A very sad day for justice

by vildemose on

A very sad day for justice and humanity.


Life Sentence again

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

I just found out that here in Denmark a life sentence is a maximum of 16 years.


Life sentence in Europe

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

When Israel uses every means to free members of its genocidal army, they are praised for it, but if it is Iran, then no no no.

People, specially those living in the US, do not know that the maximum sentence (paradoxically called a life sentence) in Europe is twenty years with possibility of parol after 12-15 (here Mr. Kadivar can correct me if I am wrong). So this Mr. Vakili Rad was due to be free soon. Another European law states that convicted criminals are to be deported to their country of origin upon release from prison.

So iran didn't need to make a deal to free him.

Sargord Pirouz

"IranFirst", it's called

by Sargord Pirouz on

"IranFirst", it's called Realpolitik. And don't be so naive- it's practiced by all powers involved in a cold war.


IRI's Hostage Taking Pays

by IranFirst on

Terrorist IRI kills a man, then takes a teacher as hostage, gets $ 300K
and the release of its terrorist. This is "better" than what Somali Pirates do