Iran 'to free' French spy suspect
Al Jazeera English

A French woman who was arrested on espionage charges following last June's disputed presidential election will be acquitted by Sunday, her lawyer has said.

Mohammad Ali Mahdavi-Sabet said on Saturday that Clotilde Reiss faced a cash fine for minor charges, but did not elaborate on what the charges were.

A $285,000 payment for the fine had been made and he expected her passport to be returned to her on Sunday.

"The case of Clotilde Reiss is finished. The court will acquit my client of [spying] charges by Sunday," Mahdavi-Sabet said.

"I have paid a fine of $285,000 this morning. I will get her passport tomorrow and she will be allowed to leave immediately after."

Judiciary officials were not immediately available for comment.

Reiss, who has been out of jail on bail and staying at the French embassy, was arrested in the aftermath of the June 12 vote in which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was re-elected as president.

'Western plot'

She was accused of taking part in a Western plot to destabilise the Iranian government and was put on trial in August charged with acting against national security.

A judgement in the case had been expected in January, after Reiss had made four court appearances, but the verdict was put off.

Her case has raised tensions between France and Iran, with Paris saying that Reiss was innocent and demanding her immediate release.

Reiss was arrested in Tehran in July as she prepared to leave... >>>

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