Hejab, topic of Tehran and other cities' Friday Prayers sermons
14-May-2010 (4 comments)

While you worry about executions, sanctions, AIPAC, the economy, and bombs, take a look at what Islamic Republic's real priority is these days as pronounced at the Friday Prayers in Tehran and other cities.

Shifteh Ansari

Video: Take a look at IRI's "real" issue--hejab

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Don't expect the Islamic Republic to get its priorities straight any time soon, judging by this.

Don't forget to look at those "Fati-Komando's in Training" too. 


Shifteh Ansari

Hi Mammad!

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Thanks for the explanation.  Maybe my tongue-in-cheek reference to "priorities" and "issues" did not come across effectively!  In fact, I do agree with you, it is just a diversion and deflection tactic from the country's huge and numerous problems.  The country is is serious danger of attacks and sanctions and more civil unrest, and all these bozos are putting their energies into is to have their fati commandoes march in favor of more coverage.  Khaneh az paaybast viraan ast, khaajeh dar fekr-e naghsh-e eyvaan ast!

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Shifteh Khaanoum

by Mammad on

I believe you might misunderstand the issue of "hejaab" from the point of view of the IRI.

The hardliners do not give a hoot to hejaab, as long as the "bihejaab" does not bother them and mind her own business. "Hejaab" becomes a "problem" when a feminist demands her rights - other rights, not just the right to decide whether she should wear the hejaab.

At the same time, hejaab and "urgency to impose it" are just a tool for controlling the crowds. Since the anniversary of rigged elections is coming up, all the noise about hejaab, "effat" and so on are just pretexts to send the forces into the society for crowd control. Mark my words: As soon as the anniversary passes, and the country might seem calm, hejaab and its urgency will go to the backburner again. 



Shifteh Ansari

Iranian cleric defends earthquake-promiscuity link

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Read this also: 


"TEHRAN, Iran — A prominent hard-line Iranian cleric elaborated on his
claim that promiscuity and immodest dress cause earthquakes, saying
Friday that God may be holding off on natural disasters in the West in
order to let people sin more and doom themselves to hell."


Read the rest here:  //iranian.com/main/news/2010/05/14/irania...