Memorial Vigil for the 5 executed political prisoners
Soidarity Committee for Advancement of Democracy in Iran
10-May-2010 (2 comments)

"5 Iranian kurdish prisoners were executed by the Islamic Republic on May 9, 2010. We are participating in a week long virtual protest against these political executions in Iran. Today, we are all Iranian kurd and condemn the political repression by the ruling theocarcy in Iran.

"New York Event:

"Memorial Vigil for the 5 executed political prisoners
New York: Time: 5:30-7 PM Date: May 11, 2010
Place: Washington Square North and 5th Avenue
Soidarity Committee for Advancement of Democracy in Iran"

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I wish

by MRX1 on

Today we all are Kurds. I wish we were like them always! These guys have been fighting the enemy relentlessly for nealry Thirty years  to obtain basic human rights while we have been silent, ignorant, uncaring, still trying to figure if there is a such a thing as moderate islam, and if we should be a republic or monarchy.....

Darius Kadivar

Indeed But the same thing could be said ...

by Darius Kadivar on

For the Monarchist who was executed along with them ...

The Kurds have helped a great number of Iranians to flee Iran in the past 30 years in a bid for Freedom often at the risk of their lives and that of their family.

THE PRICE OF FREEDOM: Manouchehr Vossough Leaves Iran thanks to Kurd Rebels (1978/79)

I do not share their desire of Total Independance but I am not against Autonomy for Kurdistan in a Future Democratic Iran as lets say Scotland enjoys in Great Britain. They can have their own local parliament or government in a shape or form which needs to be definec but can be imagined with limited powers of decision ( that would exclude Military but could include the gendarmerie for instance in relation to security etc ... ) that can work and cooperate with the central government of Iran.

Iran's entire history has always been shaped by Unity within Diversity and the Iranian Kurds should have a Full Part to play within our nation as Equal Partners.