Iranian Sleeper Cells In Kuwait

May 6, 2010: Increasingly, over the last five years, Kuwait has had a growing problem with Iranian attempts to operate spy and terrorist cells inside Kuwait. Recently, Kuwait broke up an Iranian terrorist cell of about 15 people. Half of these men have been arrested and the rest are being sought. Some of the cell members were Kuwaitis, including a few who had served in the security forces. Others were Arabs from neighboring countries. The police raids seized documents, weapons, communications equipment and $250,000 in cash. These guys were well equipped, and apparently well paid. This cell was formed and sustained by Iranian intelligence operatives. The arrested spies admitted that they visited Iran frequently as tourists, where they received training and money. Smugglers brought in some equipment, but much of what the cell members needed (like weapons) they could buy on the black market in Kuwait.

Iranian agents like this are usually recruited from among the Shia (who are half the population) in Kuwait, and then trained in Iran. The Iranian networks consist partly of "sleeper cells" (agents who are inactive, and go about their normal lives until activated by their Iranian bosses.) Kuwait is still trying to discover the extent of the Iranian networks, but fears that it may be a large one (several hundred, or even several thousand members). The recent cell was busted mainly because it was active. The sleeper cells are the most worrisome, as these would be activated ... >>>

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