Ahmadinejad: Bin Laden Lives in DC
ABC News

That strange claim was only one of the highlights of my feisty 30 minute talk with the Iranian president Tuesday morning at the Millennium Hotel across from the United Nations.

It didn’t take long to get contentious, starting with my first question: “You called Secretary of State Clinton an 'enemy' of Iran. Do you consider President Obama an enemy of Iran as well?”

It took multiple follow-ups for me to get Ahmadinejad’s answer: that he draws a distinction between Clinton and her boss.

“Mrs. Clinton is interested in speedily moving relations with Iran to the point of a clash. Based on the information we possess, Mr. Obama does not have such an opinion,” he said.

Presidents Obama and Medvedev recently told me that they support sanctions against Iran, but Ahmadinejad made clear that he is not concerned nor will he back down, saying any measure Obama takes “will be proportionately confronted by a position that Iran will take” because “We don't have a special friendship with Mr. Obama.”

As for the possibility of an Israeli military strike if Iran continues with its nuclear program, Ahmadinejad dismissed the notion. He said “Iran will definitely continue its path” and does not even considered Israel in his defense policy.

I asked if he was playing with fire. His response: “No.”

“Those who have stockpiled their bombs and impose their will on others and act unlawfully are the ones who are playing with... >>>

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