Iran…Sustained Bleeding
asharq Alawsat / Tariq Alhomayed
27-Apr-2010 (one comment)

Over the past ten days whilst traveling between Riyadh, Delhi, Mumbai, Bahrain, and Dubai, the debate has been over Iran; will it be attacked or not and will it be able to withstand [an attack] and so on. There is no doubt that Iran is suffering sustained bleeding both externally and internally; the regime is isolated and has no solid ground domestically to stand upon. US Vice President Joe Biden was right when he considered the Iranian regime “fragile” and said that it is “more isolated than ever before” both domestically and regionally. There are many examples [that support this view].

Within Iran, we have Mir Hossein Mousavi saying that the regime is facing a crisis and we have US intelligence turning Iran into a theatre, as it is infiltrating it to implement what it calls a process of “brain drain” by smuggling scientists [out of Iran] and accessing information that is pouring out of Iran, some of which demonstrates internal confusion. For example, it was revealed that Iranian intelligence apparatus inspected the home of physician Masoud Ali Mohammadi and gathered documents and notes from him before he was killed the next day. Tehran then accused Western and Israeli agents of being responsible for his murder!

Externally, it is enough to look at the regime’s ties with regional and Western states and international organizations. The sanctions are imminent, and it seems that they will be very strict. It is also enough to look at the surge of W... >>>

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raciest article

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