U.S. Fugitive in Iran Believes Missing Former FBI Agent Is Dead
FOXNews / Richard Byrne Reilly

A former FBI agent who vanished without a trace in Iran three years ago is probably dead, says an American fugitive who claims he was the last man to see the former G-man alive.

Hassan Abdulraham, an American-born Muslim convert who is wanted for murder in the United States, says he met with Robert Levinson on March 8, 2007, at the Maryam Hotel on Kish Island, a Persian Gulf island that is part of Iran. Levinson, who was working for a private security company, had taken a flight to Kish Island from Dubai as part of an investigation into the lucrative cigarette smuggling trade.

Abdulraham, who, at the time, was an editor for Iran's state-run Press TV, says he had dinner with Levinson at the hotel.

He said their meeting was broken up by plainclothes Iranian police who detained him and questioned him for three hours before releasing him.

“They took me away, but not Levinson," Abdulraham said. 'The last time I saw him he was talking to the police who had him surrounded.”

If true, this would be the last known sighting of Levinson, who never told his family he was traveling to Iran.

Born in North Carolina with the name David Theodore Belfield, Abdulraham--who is also known as Dawud Salahuddin-- is wanted by the FBI for the murder of a former Iranian diplomat in Maryland in 1980. He readily admits to shooting Ali Akbar Tabatabeaei at the behest of Iranian agents, who he says paid him $5,000 for the hit. He fled to Iran by way of Can... >>>

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