Airport remains in state of alert
Kuwait Times

KUWAIT: Kuwait continues to place airport security on high alert to deal with any contingency amid intelligence reports that Iran has ordered proxies to hijack passenger planes from other Gulf states to destroy them either in Iraq or Iran. "The Airport Security Department is fully ready to deal with any emergencies according to an integrated mechanism to ensure the safety of Kuwait International Airport and its facilities," department director Colonel Iyad Al-Haddad said yesterday. Intelligence sources had
earlier warned that Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) wanted to destroy these aircraft either in Iraq or Iran.

Al-Haddad said during a tour by the Interior Ministry's media team at the airport yesterday that the security precautions and the state of alertness come in case of any sudden incidents or information that may cause a breach of security inside the airport. "Any call should be dealt with seriously," he stressed. "Manpower working on gates, around the airport and in open areas has been intensified in order to ensure protection of aircraft on the ground," the official announced.

Al-Haddad pointed out that all personnel of the airport are screened through cooperation with various sectors in the ministry's traffic operations and public security. He said the airport operates round the clock and applies the system of open skies due to the large number of flights and the high rate of arrivals and departures throughout the year. He call... >>>

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