China unmoved on Iran sanctions
Los Angeles Times

China insisted today that it has not shifted its approach to Iran's nuclear program, despite White House claims on Monday that Beijing had become more open to sanctions on Tehran.

Jiang Yu, spokeswoman for the Chinese foreign ministry, told reporters in Beijing that "China has always believed that sanctions and pressure cannot fundamentally resolve the issue" of Iran's disputed nuclear program," according to the official Xinhua news agency.

She said China "upholds its consistent stance on the Iran nuclear issue." Beijing opposes Iran gaining nuclear weapons, and supports a "dual track strategy," combining negotiations with pressure, she said

Jiang said the United Nations Security Council "should help ease the situation, and help promote the relevant side to properly resolve the Iran nuclear issue through dialogue and negotiation," Xinhua reported.

On Monday, White House officials said that President Barack Obama had received President Hu Jintao's promise to cooperate in developing a new round of sanctions against Iran.

"They're prepared to work with us," said Jeffrey Bader, a senior National Security Council official.

The sanctions are aimed at dissuading Tehran from proceeding with a nuclear program that many world powers believed is aimed at developing a nuclear weapon. Tehran insists it wants nuclear power only for peaceful purposes.

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