Our Man Inside Iran’s Revolutionary Guards - Interview w Kahlili
Winds of Change / Michael Totten
12-Apr-2010 (5 comments)

In 1979, a coalition of Iranian liberals, leftists, and Islamists overthrew the tyrannical Shah Reza Pahlavi--and a new regime more dangerous and brutal than the last took its place.

An alliance of liberals, leftists, and Islamists made sense at first. The Shah oppressed them all more or less equally. But the Iranian Revolution, like so many others before it, devoured its children. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and his Islamists emerged the strong horse in the post-revolutionary struggle for power, and they liquidated the liberals and leftists.

One young Iranian man, who now goes by the name Reza Kahlili, joined Khomeini's Revolutionary Guards right at the beginning. He quickly became disillusioned, however, when he saw young people tortured and murdered in Tehran's notorious Evin Prison. Repressing his countrymen was not what he had in mind when he signed up. Rather than quit and place himself and his family under suspicion, he contacted the CIA and agreed to work as an American agent under the code name "Wally."

"My role was to look and act the part of a devout Muslim enforcing all the new rules laid down by the mullahs," he writes in his terrific book A Time to Betray: The Astonishing Double Life of a CIA Agent Inside the Revolutionary Guards of Iran, which was released today by Simon and Schuster. "A full black beard was a mandatory accessory to the Guards' uniform, and I sported one along with every other member of the Guards. The image of a scowli... >>>

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Antari and IRI should be put on Trial

by IranFirst on

Antari, the IRI rulers and their brainwashed baseej and supporters
should be put on trial for betraying Iran and Iranian interests for the
sake of the Savage cult of Islam for 30 years. In every important
decesion point they have put Islam and its inherent terror ahead of
Iran's , from Iraq war, to killing thousands in 80's to their present
torture and killings of Iranians for bogus crimes of " fighting with
god ". From their  Islamic mandate of supporting any Muslim terrorist
around the world using Iran's money while Iranians are suffering. AND
their unneccessary death wish for Iran to confront the whole world to
make Atomic bombs to spread the cult of Islam.

No Fear

This traitor should stand trial and get what all traitors get.

by No Fear on

Imagine that during the short war with US in persian gulf which some brave iranian sailors perished , this clown was working with CIA , probabely sending pictures of military bases to them. His information could have been passed to the Iraqis by CIA.

Have you forgot about US shooting down an Iranian passenger plane? Have you seen the aftermath picture of that which showed the waters of persian gulf littered with body parts mostly from Iranian childrens? There were more than 40 kids on that plane.This clown was an active CIA operative that time.

Now he talks about promoting democracy in Iran??

He suffers from the same delusions of some IC members here too.

He has no credibility. Everything he says could be from a print out given to him by CIA.

This loser has Iranian blood on his hand.




Reza Kahlili

by Abarmard on

Double agent? or someone who has sold/betrayed his country for money. He was part of the problem.


This is a very important

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This is a very important article. Thank you for posting.


The link

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