Mother of prisoner says Tehran Prosecutor responsible for her son’s health
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

In an open letter which has been widely published in the media, Fatemeh Alvandi, mother of Mehdi Mahmoudian has declared Tehran Prosecutor responsible for her son’s dangerous physical condition, due to damages he sustained during his detention. Mahmoudian is a journalist, a member of the Participation Front Information Committee, and a human rights activist.
He was arrested on September 18, 2009. A few weeks ago, his temporary detention orders were changed to permanent detention orders. He spent 80 days of his detention time in solitary confinement and was recently moved to a 4-person cell. Mahmoudian was one of the few journalists who played an important role in revealing the crimes committed in the infamous Kahrizak Detention Center before and after the presidential elections. He was the first person to write about the inhumane and illegal prisoner treatment at Kahrizak.
Mrs. Alvandi’s letter is published at a time when over the past few weeks, there have been numerous reports about prisoners’ acute physical conditions and several political prisoners’ illness has caused serious concern among their families. The judicial and security organizations’ silence and added limitations for prisoners such as limiting visits and lack of medical attention to them, have heightened concern about the prisoners.
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran views the lack of attention to prisoners’ health and lack of transparency on the part of Iranian j... >>>

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