Envisioning the Next Iran
Huffington Post / Reza Phalavi
11-Apr-2010 (15 comments)

I believe in a constitution that is predicated on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This Declaration has established a standard interpretation of all of the listed principles in addressing all of our social, cultural, religious and political concerns. As exhibited by the current regime, without a secular democratic system, the fundamental principles of the Declaration are difficult, if not impossible, to implement.

David ET

Two thumbs up to Reza Pahlavi

by David ET on

Reza Pahlavi featured this article in Huffington Post but did not name himself as Crown Prince First but as a "Iranian Democracy Advocate and Human Rights Activist". Two thumbs up to him.



Farah Rusta

I am no Shazde parast but ...

by Farah Rusta on

Why are some of us so sensitive to the bare reality that according to the constitution of 1906 (to which he was sworn to uphold) he is technically a Prince (shah zadeh). This is a right that neither he nor those who maintain that the constitution of 1906 was unlawfully substituted by the Islamic Republic's constitution can take it away from him. Unless, of course, you believe that the IRI constitution of 1980 and its amendments is the lawful constitution. 



Darius Kadivar

Your Absolutely Right MM Jaan I am a Fanatic ...

by Darius Kadivar on

There is also an accurate description for David's Mindset :

To be Constant !



Thanks David for praising RP when you see he has done well.

by MM on

Thanks David for praising RP when you see he has done well.  But, unfortunately, there are those who cannot see criticism coming to Reza Pahlavi, no matter what!  This is exactly the kind of behavior that will land Iran in an authoritarian state.

Please stay on the path for unification of the opposition forces unless you hear from RP himself that he does not need you.  None of these people in this site are official representatives of RP, but only enthusiastic supporters bordering being fanatic.  Similar people in IC have criticized me for not addressing RP with an appropriate title.



Reza won't be Shah

by Mashty on

If he had balls he would have mattered by now

Darius Kadivar

One of David ET liabilities is coming to Terms with Reality.

by Darius Kadivar on

But THAT is Nothing New ... Is It David Jaan ?

SATIRE: I voted ;0)


David ET

Then 2 thumbs up to Huffington Post

by David ET on

"Besides the Huffington Post is a leftwing media which wouldn't accept to publish his views under a different title."

One of major liabilities of RP remains to be the attitude of some of his zealous supporters 

Darius Kadivar

Just Woke Up David Jaan ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Haven't You visited his Website all these years when you were criticizing him ?


He does That ALL the TIme ... It's His way of extending an Olive Branch to You Stubbon Republicans which to date doubt his sincerity and refused to take without EVER offering Anything in return. But now that RP represents a Political Alternative and with his rising popularity in ALL RANKS including Yours, he has become Relevant enough it seems for You to Jump on the Bandwagon.

He has ALWAYS Said this TO DEAF EARS Like YOURS and Likes of MARGE that he is an Iranian Shahrvand First and a Crown Prince by Title.

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by DK

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... by DK

But if it gives you an Orgasm to discover this ... Who Am I to curb it  ?


He can be King Only After Oath in Front of an Elected Parliament and if People Choose so.  

You the Constitutional Expert Should Know Better !


Besides the Huffington Post is a leftwing media which wouldn't accept to publish his views under a different title. In all the European Press he is presented as Crown Prince Reza most of the time and in Republican France in all medias regardless of whether it is left wing like Liberation or Centrist like Le Monde or Right Wing like Le Figaro he is presented as : Le Fils du Chah D'Iran or le Prince Heritier D'Iran Reza Pahlavi


To Me He Was, IS and WILL BE King :


Monarchists don't belong to the Hezbeh Baad !

We Understand the meaning of the Word LOYALTY !





David ET


by David ET on

Thank you for the very kind words ...  Thaty means a lot coming from you especially on this subject :-)       

            Sign and spread the Iranian Solidarity Declaration 


he is one of the opposition leaders

by benross on

Oh. Who is he leading?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Dear David, I think you do very good work

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You have a solid track record. You did great work with SCE, tirelessly. You started floating some great ideas and even drafted a constitution. Please keep it up. You're light years ahead of most of these people.

David ET


by David ET on

I am glad he is ahead of you in considering himself a political and human righst activists first.

Why posting his article, because he is one of the opposition leaders and is addressing the same issue that I am also addressing:

Human Rights and Democracy in future Iran and its constitution!


                     Sign and spread the Iranian Solidarity Declaration 



by benross on

It might be news to you. but actually Reza Pahlavi never called himself Crown Prince. This is an issue I have with him.

The issue I have with you David, is that you give two thumbs up to whom? Explain. Why it matters to you to report this article and not so many other articles published in defense of human rights? Same question goes for anybody else who comments on this news.


Reza bye bye

by fussygorilla on

If Reza were smart (doubtful), he would stop pandering to those who are opposed to the present Iranian leadership and just enjoy the fortunes that his dear daddy stole from Iranians.  He is absolutley not qualified (a B.A. from Cairo University) to take any leadership role anywhere. More pathetic are those Iranians abroad who support his ambitions, funded by the CIA.



by sag koochooloo on

I think Monarchy is an old fashioned idea. Ok if Reza P wants to help liberate Iran, but I do not see the advantage of having a Monarchy. In these times, why should one person bow down to another just because of birth rights? Too old fashioned. If we are to reform Iran lets do it the modern way. An elected President and those in power to be voted in according to skills and talent.