Teacher Arrested in Mosque, Raped in Prison
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09-Apr-2010 (one comment)
Even though I turned into Autumn I am more beautiful now/ A letter of suffering by Bahareh, a squished corn-poppy of Iran (victim of rape) / arrested in July 2009 at Ghoba Mosque "My name is Bahar (Spring in Persian). It's Spring and I write to you of flowers but flowers with scattered petals. I write to you of the green and of sprouts but squished sprouts, trampled on by hatred, the hatred towards beauty and whatever is beautiful--as displayed by ugly souls, the hatred towards those who seek justice--by a bunch of sell outs. I write to you of those who are not real men. My name is Bahareh Maghami, 28 years old and there is nothing left of me and no reason to hide my name anymore. I have lost all who were important to me one day. I have lost relatives and friends, neighbors and companions, coworkers and colleagues. I have lost them all. Those who pretend to be men stole it all from me so unfairly. They stole my life. Now that I have left the country, I want to share my pain with someone, even if only once. I also like to ask other friends who have experienced a similar painful fate to write. They must write what happened to them. Even if they fear their lives or dignity, they should use anonymous names but they must write. They must write so that history is aware of what happened to our generation; to this grief-stricken generation. They must write so that those who come after us and live in a free Iran know what price was paid for their freedom; how many lives were... >>>

Teacher Arrested in Mosque, Raped in Prison

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An iranian friend emailed an English translation of the full article, and I published it here: //jigsawnovich.blogspot.com/2010/04/teacher-arrested-in-mosque-raped-by.html 

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