The Indispensable Interplay of Human Rights and Democracy
06-Apr-2010 (7 comments)

The relentless pursuit of human rights is the essence of democracy. And, without democracy, human rights cannot, by definition, prevail.

With that premise in mind, the establishment of the clerical regime in Iran has grossly compromised both democracy and human rights. Since its inception, this regime has oppressed the Iranian people, and 2009 was one of the most challenging for millions of my compatriots -- a year in which the world witnessed the most flagrant violations of both political and human rights of our citizens.

Yet every time the people attempt to in some way soften the regime, the results yield a swift and unforgiving government response. This is precisely why few would argue today that the thought of reforming this regime -- whether it be a domestic attempt or a foreign expectation -- has proven to be unrealistic and unattainable. The very nature of clerical leadership, the very essence of its existence is in direct conflict with the principles of democracy and human rights. This regime's survival depends on denying what the people of Iran demand for themselves. Thus, it is my longstanding belief that so long as this regime remains in power, Iran will not reverse its course.

So what is the alternative to Iran's clerical regime, and how would a new system uphold the indispensable principles of democracy and human rights? My vision of a future Iran is inseparable from these two interdependent ideals and principles.

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see what I mean about IRI sympathizers smiling?

by MM on


Sargord Pirouz

Every time I see a

by Sargord Pirouz on

Every time I see a reference here at IC to RP or the queen, it just makes me snicker at how out of touch these poor posters are.

But hey, as long as RP and the queen represent the hopes of this vocal minority exile community, the leadership of the IRI can sleep safe and sound at night. These are the facts of life, folks.


MM......... Parsi?????????? why not NEDA

by capt_ayhab on

Why not Sohrab?


Why not 1000's other innocent pure bloods?

MM.............. I read many of your posts, I many not agree with all or any, but one thing I can honestly admit about them is that you are a fair minded person.

Let us not chose a man of no talent no credential out of desperation.

a LEADER must shine through streets of Iran and not Amrika, particularly NOT a fat boy like Reza.



capt - let's take a chapter out of Parsi's speech

by MM on

In it, he said that we are always for this or against that.  They did that, so....

However, if we stake our goal as let's say "democracy" with a big tent that includes many factions, as long as they believe in the same goal, we can achieve a lot more unity and hambastegi.

We need everyone on this thing.  That is why I have been going back and forth with the Shahi faction so that they put their core-beliefs on democracy, in writing.



OK - putting d 2 principles in article was very positive

by MM on


RP must be looking at the blogs here.  Putting the 2 principles of the inclusion of the charter of the human rights and separation of religion and government, as his beliefs, in the same article, in writing, was a very positive step indeed.

His next article should be on the role of royalty in the future of Iran, with a declaration that these 3 principles will be part of the official policy of the Pahlavi dynasty, that is if you do not want to touch the 1906 constitution.




Reza Pahlavi?

by capt_ayhab on

You got to be kidding.......

A man of no talent

a man of no integrity

a man of no solid platform

a man of opportunistic nature

a man of mismanagement

a man of deception

a man of no leadership skills

a man of AIPAC loving

a man of NEOCONS hugging,

a man of IRAN betraying..........................

Is this man your vision of future for Iran?


IRAN, I am so sorry for you and me.


free vs islam

Next President or the Next King

by free vs islam on

Reality is we are the lost nation and needs the leader to start the basic freedom and mr.Pahlavi is quite right with human rights without democracy or other way around is impossible. Mr. Pahlavi is the man who could bring the country together and he is already has a millions of supporter in the country and outside the country. He is young and he understand how super powers act and he is already proven that he could take on people that are trying to challenge him at any field.Please people you have to understand he is not his father and those iranian who love Iran would never insult late king if you have seen Iran before 1978 and compare his legacy to todays regimes legacy from last 31 years.

I will vote for him as a president and he could be the first iranian free elected president to restore our country.