Beating the drum on Iran
The Majlis / The Majlis
28-Mar-2010 (one comment)

David Sanger and William Broad of the New York Times have a story detailing new intelligence, sourced anonymously from Western officials, about a purported effort by Iran to begin building two new uranium enrichment sites.

The story follows on an admission made to the Iranian Student News Agency by the country's top nuclear official, Ali Akbar Salehi, that work would soon begin on the new sites, which would be built "inside mountains."

Based on the story's source attribution, it sounds like U.S. and European intelligence agencies have decided to disclose some potential new information about the construction in order to bolster the case for sanctions against Iran. Sanger and Broad acknowledge the possibility of a coordinated effort by the West, writing that "the assertions could aid in efforts to press Iran to open up locations long closed to inspectors."

But if you look closely at the story, it becomes clear that there's almost nothing there -- no solid evidence of any new sites aside from Salehi's hope that, "God willing," construction will be begin soon. The only thing that comes close to a smoking gun is Western intelligence that Iran appears to be manufacturing new uranium enrichment equipment that has yet to show up at the three nuclear plants inspectors visit regularly.

"That has heightened suspicions that the equipment, produced in small factories around Iran, is being held in a clandestine storage area for later shipment or installed e... >>>

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