US warns citizens against travel to Iran
23-Mar-2010 (one comment)

The Obama administration warned Americans on Tuesday against travelling to Iran, citing the risk of hostility, harassment or arrest.

The State Department warning singled out US-Iranian dual nationals, noting that Iranian authorities have prevented several Iranian-Americans from leaving the country since 2009, sometimes for several months.

"Americans of Iranian origin should consider the risk of being targeted by authorities before planning travel to Iran," it said, noting Iranian-Americans have been detained in the Islamic republic on such charges as espionage and posing a threat to national security.

"Iranian authorities deny access to the US Interests Section in Tehran to dual nationals because Iranian authorities consider them to be solely Iranian citizens."

Iran does not recognise dual citizenship.

The document, which updates a travel warning issued on July 1, 2009, said "US citizens who travel to Iran should exercise caution" in light of the tense political climate, including outbreaks of violence, that has prevailed since last June's contested presidential elections.

US President Barack Obama's administration is at loggerheads with Tehran, which denies Western and Israeli claims it is developing nuclear weapons under the cover of a civilian nuclear energy program. The United States is also leading the charge to slap a fourth round of UN sanctions on Iran.

The US government does not have diplomatic or consular relation... >>>

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Warning for what?

by fussygorilla on

A piece of total propaganda by U.S.

The state department always issues warnings to citizens who live abroad even if there is going to be a small protest demnostration (just this week one was issued to citizens in Turkey because there was going to be a small anti-american protest in Istanbul).

U.S. knows it is hated by most people in most countries and it is scared.  Iran is one of the safest and most secure societies to travel to and around.

Shame on you for repeating this piece of American anti-Iran, politically-motivated propaganda.