کمک روسیه به چین برای تحریم ایران
22-Mar-2010 (8 comments)

خبرگزاری رویتر با استناد به گزارش گمرک چین که امروز ۲۲ مارس (دوم فروردین) منتشر شده است، نوشت که در دوماهه نخست سال جاری با وجود افزایش میزان تقاضای خرید نفت و تأمین انرژی، چین واردات نفتی خود از ایران را در قیاس با مدت مشابه سال پیش، ۴۰ درصد کاهش داده است.

ایران سال گذشته رتبه سوم بزرگترین صادرکننده نفت به چین را داشت اما در دو ماهه نخست سال ۲۰۱۰ این رتبه را به روسیه واگذار کرده است.

در این مدت ایران ۲ میلیون و ۵۳۰ هزار متر مکعب نفت خام به چین صادر کرده که در مقایسه با مدت زمان مشابه سال گذشته بیش از ۳۷ درصد کاهش نشان می‌دهد.

در ماه‌های ژانویه و فوریه سال ۲۰۱۰ (دی و بهمن ۱۳۸۸)، عربستان سعودی میزان صادرات خود به چین را حدود ۶ درصد افزایش داد. آنگولا و روسیه نیز صادرات نفت خود به چین را حدود ۷۱ و۵۰ درصد افزایش دادند. اکنون عربستان سعودی، آنگولا و روسیه به ترتیب بیشترین میزان صادرات نفت به چین را دارا هستند.

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Abarmard - Oil China

by IranFirst on

Neither A or B. The answer is C. The Core objective of the news is
NEWS itself. And many times (like here) the Analysis is added,
representing what the opinion of the news organization is about the
specific news.

This is not from a terrorist country like IRI that news is already
decided and everything is printed to meet the dictaror's approval, and
anyone disagreeing with the the official "news" or "analysis" is jailed
or killed

No, The article and news is not "designed", news is provided and
their opinion is expressed as to the reasons for oil sales reduction.
This is the great thing in civilized free world. You or anyone else can
arrive at your conclusion, reading the same news (which is based on
facts and data), or you can provide your own source of news or data
that contradicts these facts.

Only Chinese know for sure what is more important for them. The
article provides its opinion (several reasons) on why they think China
has bought less oil.

"If Iran had sold similar amount of oil but had decreased its
sales to China, it could be the market fluctuations and price

NO-The articles does not talk about the price, the data provided clearly says the AMOUNT of oil is decreased.

"But if Iran had decreased in its total sales the same
amount of reduction of sales to China, then it's political and related
to sanctions"

NO-This article is specifically provides data about the sales to
CHINA and its import reduction. The opinion of the news organization is
that one reason is for China to be less dependent on IRI to impose
sanction. Theoverall oil exports of IRI to the world is not the issue here, but rather the more potential for China's willingness to go along with approving sanctions against IRI at UN.

"It could easily be that China chose to go with Western
policy makers"


No Fear

Natural Gas is were the game is played now.

by No Fear on

china and Iran are bound by energy deals reaching a total value of $120 billion and growing. While the U.S. and EU were forging a diplomatic strategy to halt Iran’s nuclear program, China signed in October 2004 its largest energy deal with Iran ever and promised to block any American attempt to refer Iran’s nuclear program to the UN Security Council.

I can't remember the details of the 2004 deal and when it ends. It would be helpful to this topic if anyone can find details of that deal.

Besides, Both Iran and China are investing heavily on the South Pars natural gas fields. If you convert the Gas in south pars to its equivalant in oil, it will be more than all of saudi arabia oil feilds combined! By itself, South pars can supply the enegy needs of Europe, middle east and Asia for decades to come. Its a massive gas field. 

Iran is investing heavily in the pipelines which spans out from east and west and south of Iran. China just start drilling in South pars field. Russia's recent diplomatic maneuvering also has to be looked at from this angle since Russia's gas feilds in siberia needs to find a route to international markets. Iran has completed its Turkey gas line and is at Europe's door step.

I believe if we play our cards right, Iran will become the undisputed energy supplier in the world in the next decade.



Last try IranFirst

by Abarmard on

I will answer you in the hope that this would add a positive lesson for your future political analysis and comprehension.

1) What is the Core Objective of the news? A.Oil sales to China or B.Iran and China Relations?

2) Is the article designed for economists to make financial decisions or for public to view/form hypothesis of possible trends in Iran and China relations?

3) What's the most important factor for China to decrease its demand for Iranian oil? A.Better price B.Western influence/pro sanctions

How would we know which one? unless we see the whole picture. Here it is: If Iran had sold similar amount of oil but had decreased its sales to China, it could be the market fluctuations and price associations. But if Iran had decreased in its total sales the same amount of reduction of sales to China, then it's political and related to sanctions. That's the core idea of this article, It's missing the other ingredient.It could easily be that China chose to go with Western policy makers, but I can't be sure.

Hope this helps.


One more time Abarmard

by IranFirst on

Why is IRI's total sales of oil (to other countries ?) related to this article ? Where in the article does it talk about Iran's total oil sale?!!


Facts based on this news (if you don't like the source that is a separate issue)

1- IRI sold "A" amount of oil to China in Jan and Feb 2009

2-IRI has sold "0.63A" amount of oil in Jan and feb 2010

Other countries (including Russia) have INCREASED their export to China since last year.

What is the confusion and "unbalanced". Are you suggesting they should not report the statistics because IRI does not like it ?



by Abarmard on

Perhaps you need to pay better attention to details. The news speaks about drop sales to China. My comment was about the unbalanced report, because just drop sales to China doesn't mean that Iran had drop sales in total exports! Iran doesn't sale to China alone. In that case the reason is not necessarily change of mind of Chinese about sanctions, which the report promotes.


Abarmard-READ, befor posting

by IranFirst on

All you need is to READ the news. The news (based on numbers) clearly says Iran's export to China has been reduced by 37% (compared to the amount it had exported last year for the same period). I am sorry if its difficult for you to understand.


Don't start your party yet

by Abarmard on

This is not a balance report. Did Iran have a 40% reduction in sales (for 2 months) or 40% reduction in sales to China? Those are different questions.


US might make Saudi Arabia the police of the region

by persian_yingyang on

Only then will the leaders in Iran come to fathome how powerful the US is not only militarily but more importantly economically.

The US is the only reliable ally that any developing country of significant size can have.

The US liberation of Kuwait, US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan has not yet convinced Iran that the US is powerful . Perhaps with the US pressure on Russia and CHina, Iran will finally learn who is the boss of the world.

Better hurry Iran, otherwise US might make Saudi Arabia the police of the region!