Polanski Tackles Tony Blair's would be War Crimes in latest movie
20-Mar-2010 (2 comments)

Roman Polanski's new political thriller The Ghost, which is opening in the UK, is about a former British prime minister who is threatened with being hauled in front of the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes.The title refers to a ghost writer roped in to craft the memoirs of this ex prime minister, Adam Lang. But it is the ghost of Tony Blair that haunts the fictional Mr Lang, with references to Iraq, the "war on terror", and a much too cosy relationship with the United States.

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by humanbeing on

is a genius. this movie is not my favourite, but still, the cloak and dagger atmosphere he creates is masterful.


There is not such thing like

by gordman on

There is not such thing like a perfect politician, it looks like Tony Blair is knowing this first hand now. Tony is already notorious with the blair rewards program, I wonder if this situation he's in now has anything to do with that. It must be an interesting production, we may learn something from political secrets.