Iran launches first indigenous frigate
18-Mar-2010 (2 comments)

Iran has commissioned its first indigenously built frigate, Jamaran, during a ceremony at Bandar Abbas on 19 February.

Built under the Mowj project, Jamaran is referred to locally as a 'destroyer', although the design is based on the Iranian Navy's existing 1960s-vintage British-built Alvand-class (Vosper Mk 5) frigates.

According to local state-owned media reports, the ship displaces 1,420-1,500 tons, which is the size of a light frigate or corvette.

Although the frigate does not have a hangar, space has been provided for a flight deck capable of operating an AB 212 helicopter. It is Iran's first helicopter-capable surface combatant; the earlier Alvand-class frigates are fitted with gun and missile systems at the stern.

A second indigenously built frigate – built to the same design – is in the latter stages of construction at Bandar Abbas.

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A Good Start

by kavehbc1 on

Any achievements in gaining and applying technology is a good accomplishment for Iran. The ship might be outdated compared to DDG-1000(top of the line class-Destroyer), but you cannot start building 21st century hardware unless you master 20th century first. A ship of even 20th century technology involves hundreds of complicated systems and know how. Buildings and structures can be destroyed by bombs but knowledge and know-how is much harder to destroy from a nation. No matter who rules in Iran one has to look at these developments objectively. Politicians come and go but access to science, technology and applying it to military hardware will stay on.


worthless copies

by mahmoudg on

the IRI has made yet another copy of what is classed as an outdated vessel.  I vividly remember in the haydays of the revolution people complaining about our "montage" industries.  thirty years on and this regime has done WORSE.  They are happy about 1950's jet planes, and one outdated boat (not even a ship).  Funny thing is one bunker busting bomb and the entire industry in bandar abbas will go to kingdom come.  Perhaps, then, can the moron climb out of his Jamkaran well, and guide these misguided miscreants into the 21st century!!