Iranian police arrest 50 people at traditional festival
17-Mar-2010 (5 comments)

Iranian police say they have arrested 50 people during clashes between opposition supporters and police in Tehran during a new year festival.

The Feast of Fire comes on the eve of the Persian new year, but religious leaders had told Iranians celebrating it was "un-Islamic".

There were a number of clashes between young people and the police across the capital, a Tehran police chief said.

Opposition leaders had told people not to protest during the festival.

The BBC's correspondent Jon Leyne says there is no sign these clashes will widen into a bigger political protest.

The clashes were more a show of defiance against demands from religious authorities that Iranians refuse to celebrate the festival, our correspondent says.

Young Iranians went out into the street to leap though bonfires and set off firecrackers, traditional on Chaharshanbeh-Suri - or Red Wednesday - held a few days before Norouz, the Persian new year.

Large protests have been held during public events since June's disputed election.

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Dear DK

by Abarmard on

I would never allow myself to compare Iranian society that has limited social/democratic experience (historically) with France that has history of law and Republic.

I was making a point. If we want to be truly affective, we need to pick and choose our side of the battle. Not everything and anything is there for us to fight for, argue or attack. Let's see it for what it is.

I just wrote a comment in another part that based on standards for social welfare, Iran is not too behind. What makes Iran different is the lack of social responsibilities that people need to learn about. I want balance. If we just focus on the shortcomings from the current system, where do the shortcoming from our society falls?

I have seen too many claims about the wrongs in the Iranian society that is blamed to the system. That's too much. Or when Iranian arm forces, Basijis, or whatever attack the demonstrators, we claim that they are Arabs. As if we have to empty our shoulders from all the responsibilities that comes if a society needs to be democratic. How then can we be there?

That's why I made that comment, to put it in perspective and to point out that not everything that comes from the people is right and everything from the government is wrong. Like social welfare, that Iranian people abuse...

Sargord Pirouz

For what it's worth, looks

by Sargord Pirouz on

For what it's worth, looks like there were more injuries from illegal fireworks than there were arrests during the festivities.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

1. i didn't know one needs to get a permit to celebrate charshanbeh soori.  have you ever celebrated charshanbeh soori?  if yes, did you get a permit?

2. do you think that iri gives out permit for demonstrations?  i think you're confusing the laws and procedures of democratic states with those of a totalitarian state called iri.

3. why don't you ever defend the oppressed iranian people?

4. do you think the protesters in the link below got a permit from the government to vandalize karoubi's house? it sure seems like it with all the police enabling them.

waiting for your answer.

Darius Kadivar

Abarmard Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Politics Aside and beyond the interesting intellectual discourse you are submitting here ...

Honestly On whose Side are you ? The Iranian people or this corrupt theocracy ...

I fail to see why you find them so many excuses !

Do you honestly believe this regime is democratic and can be put on the balance equally with any democratic  government in the west today ?

Let's say you are right. I would be arrested if I start burning cars or getting into a fight with the police during a demo ( legal or illegal). Would you  for that matter equate the two societies (Iran and France) in terms of freedom of expression and fair justice ?

Dunno maybe you are right and I am naive and conditioned by three decades of exile here in the corrupt West ! ...

I say this with no sarcasm because I think you have your reasons and are sincere in your convictions but it is nevertheless surprising ...




Dear DK

by Abarmard on

I really would like to know if you would get arrested orchestrating a demonstration in Paris without a permission. I am willing to help you do one, that it's against the French system. Are you with me? It doesn't even have to be large, but we will be disruptive.

This would be a good experiment.