In Iran, a Street Demonstration That Both Sides Stay Away From
16-Mar-2010 (2 comments)

From the time the sun set Tuesday evening, Tehran was filled with the sounds of small explosions and the smell of smoke. Police and Basij militia presence throughout the city was as high as it has been at any point since last year's controversial presidential election, but for the most part, the law-enforcement officers remained cool, with some officers even joining crowds around bonfires and chatting with the attendees. Some small scuffles broke out when Basij arrived to break up impromptu block parties. (See pictures of Iran's antigovernment demonstrations.)

The explosions continued well past midnight, although the state did what it could to keep Iranians from attending the festivities, including airing Hollywood blockbusters such as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on television. None of those tactics worked; the streets were filled with people who for one night seemed to ignore the recent proscriptions of the ruling religious establishment. Said an attendee who asked to remain anonymous: "This isn't something that the government can take away from us. We've been doing this for 3,000 years. They should just accept it." ]

The holiday is so sensitive that the opposition doesn't want to be anywhere near accusations that it is fomenting unrest during its celebration. The so-called Green Movement leadership actually asked its followers not to target the day for protest, as has been done with Muslim holy days and the anniversaries of importan... >>>

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hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

people are bleeding for freedom and human rights so that they can achieve normalcy; they're not giving their lives for some mullah or iri crony.  now go back under the rock.


People are just living their lives

by seamorgh on

It might be difficult for some us to accept, but let’s face it, it is business as usual in Tehran and people value normalcy much more than bleeding for the likes of Rafsanjani, Mousavi and Karoubi.