Mehdi Karroubi's residence is attacked by state thugs, surveillance camera footage
15-Mar-2010 (9 comments)

pro-government vigilantes and Basijis have attacked and vandalised the home of Iranian opposition leader, Mehdi Karoubi, who has been very vocal in his opposition to the rigged June 09 presidential elections and the subsequent violent government crackdown on the anti-government protesters.

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re to Sargord & No fear:attempts to make Karroubi cave in

by Monarchy_Forever on

These are attempts made to force Mr Karroubi to either backtrack and cave in from his stated positions or to force him into exile.  Either way, Ahmadinejad's supporters would get what they want by labeling Karroubi as a coward (if he caves in) or as a Western agent if he goes into exile.

Regarding Mr Sargord's argument that this also happens to Iranian Embassies.  Well, for one the Embassy officials know that it is carried out by Iranian exiles who CANNOT threaten their lives because there are rules and regulations regarding diplomatic security.  Whereas what is happening to Karroubi is really meant to "intimidate" him and his family and scare him into thinking that his life is THREATENED.  Afterall, one is an act of desperation by Iranian exiles whereas the other is State Sponsored threats.

Regarding No'Fear's argument- how can Mr Karroubi afford an apartment in North Tehran.  Well, for one, why do you assume that all politicians in Iran should live like paupers.  Should politicians live like poor folks?  Where else in the world do you see politicians living a bare existence living?  And in your opinion, who should be making money in Iran?  If business people make money, you call them corrupt.  If doctors make money, you say they care more about money than patient care.  People that enter the public sector and become public servants get into it primarily to help the people and not make money.  So if they accumulate some money during their time, good for them- they had to do for so long without money and now they reap a bit of benefit.  I for one am scared of poor people that get to power.  They have a twisted mentality which is to enrich themselves and starve the people because they are "oghdey" just like Saddam Hussein, Communist Moa, Pol Pot of Cambodia.

Then you have others like Rafiq Harriri of Lebanon who was rich, became Prime Minister and actually tried not only to help himslef but also help his country rebuild.

It amazes me how some Iranians are so stingy, they hardly serve food for their guests, or they prepare food which has so little meat for their guests and then they get all riled up about Jews being stingy. 

Go to any Gulf Arabians house as a guest and see how they treat you.  They never try to be stingy or cut back.  They are so generous, you leave feeling that indeed God giveth to those that giveth.  If you wish to be stingy, then expect others to be stingy towards you too.

Also did it ever occur to you that some of those politicians from 30 years ago actually had land inherited to them by thei parents in some isolated area.  And with populaiton growth, the lands were sold for a handsome profit to pay for their apartments in North Tehran?

I hope No Fear can explain these things to me though:

How Sadeq Mahsooli has over 160 million US dollars (in Toman equivalency)

How Marja' Taqleed Makrem Shirazi has a Tire company?

How Mashad's Ayatollah Tabasi is a multi-millionare and his son Naser actually brought his wife over to the US so his kid will be a US citizen

How Mojtaba Khamenie spent 1 million dollars to have his wife have a son in London (because she couldn't bear kids)?

thanks, I hope you don't take it the worng way.  But remember, GOD hates stingy people becuase their "khair" never reaches anyone. 

Recently, I read about this Iranian girl who had acid thrown in her face and how she had to actually live in a shelter during her stay in Spain because she was low in funds.

This story really upset me.  Why? because if the government does not have the medical capability to treat its citiznes then it should bear the cost and send them abroad on its expense. 

If this girl was from Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or UAE, the Emir would bear the full costs associated with her medical treatment and her stay in a 5 star hotel.  Yet, a rich politician in our country is afraid to pay for her expenses because folks like No Fear would jump and yell, where did he get all that money from and a corruption charge might be levied against them


No Fear

Babak ...

by No Fear on

You said ;

You know what would had happened to opposition "green" if they were doing the same thing to IRI thugs

The Greens were doing just that. They lost the election. They couldn't prove the results were rigged and they took to the streets. The very same people who pretend to wish for a democracy, displayed "holliganism" as you put it. Setting cars on fire and breaking store glasses and throwing stones is the definition of holliganism afterall. Now if you want to counter this arguement that the riot police used excessive force and were wearing plain uniforms, thats another issue. Plenty of warnings were given before hand and use of force to put down an out of control riot seems reasonable to me , even if you look at this from western standards.  Whether they wore plain uniform or not, really won't help your arguement either. ( regrettably, we also had a few casualties, and i don't believe the order came from above to open fire on protestors, most likely an act of highly charged emotion in the heat of the riot which caused an unfortunate result ). This analysis makes a lot more sense to me.

How many hundreds of people arrested, tortured, raped and even killed just by shouting peacefully  "where is my vote";  

Becareful how you phrase your sentences. There weren't HUNDREDS who were raped and tortured ... The rape and torture allegation still stands about " kahrizak" prison and the investigation is nearly complete. We shall soon hear the outcome of this investigation. I suggest you hold on to your horses till then. Is this a fair suggestion or would you still want to shout and scream and take to the street before the investigation is over?

The whole country is "fed up" with Khamenei, a moron, an illiterate,a drug addict un-Islamic, barbaric, anti Iranian thug and his gang;

There is a lot of emotion in your tone . But can you please specifically point to incidents about Khamenei's actions that has created so much hate in you. I just want to know exactly what he has done. Please excuse my ignorance. But please be specific about his actions. I mean this sincerely.

The regime follows a fascist/police style oppression system.

I have difficulty understanding the term " regime". Do you mean every one who held position in IR or some are excluded? Based on what standard would you exclude some out of your general term " regime". Because i can refute your arguement by saying the Greens are part of the regime as well. Do you understand my point? Afterall , the Greens participated in an election held by the regime and voted for candidates who were approved by the regime. Just needed some clarifications, thats all.

Since you have asked so many questions in all different directions, may i suggest that we keep this debate only to incidents during the administration of Ahmadinejad. And lets not expand this debate any further and try to narrow it down instead.

babak pirouzian

Fear:my fear is ignorance of some people in this site....

by babak pirouzian on

 You said "What you see in the video are people who are fed up with the corruption and mismanagement that has poisoned many aspect of our existence in Iran and Karoubi.........has had his fair share of contributing..."


By all means I am not defending Karoubi  ( but he is Imam Hossain in comparison with thugs you are defending them) , however the whole incident shows the hypocrisy and denial by those who are defending the holliganism. You know what would had happened to opposition "green" if they were doing the same thing to IRI thugs.


How many hundreds of people arrested, tortured, raped and even killed just by shouting peacefully  "where is my vote";   which one; demonstration or holliganism are against the law? ( as you know, demonstration is lawful according to IRI constitution but not the destruction).


Are you telling me that the law applies to a certain group? and others who are "fed up" are emmune from prosecution?    

The whole country is "fed up" with Khamenei, a moron, an illiterate,a drug addict un-Islamic, barbaric, anti Iranian thug and his gang; should people treat them the same, because they are "fed up"?

Don't you think all "green" would have been gunned down as "mohareb" even without trial and or without lawyer? Are you telling me you are familiar with Iran and Iranian situation and others are not? It seems this is a new line that pro-regime are using these days to discredit the critiques.  


Can you tell me if any single of these thugs are arrested, or will be prosecuted? you and I and the whole world know the answer. The regime follows a fascist/police style oppression system.



If Karouby is corrupt?, why not being arrested? the reason is that he is a very small aquarium size fish swimming in ocean of corruption, among many giant killer whales and sharks who do not dare to touch him, starting from super shark Khamenei , his son Mostafa to the entire of un-Islamic, barbaric, most corrupt on the earth individuals existed in Iranian history.


Retard is the person who is also blind and deaf to see and hear that the corrupt individual is not only Karoubi, Mousavi et al but as mentioned in above lines are entire system since it's inception, including those who are supporting them here and eleswhere.


You said " ...if we start breaking and damaging property, set fire and start rioting in the street then this constitute breaking the law and this must be prevented by security forces" why didn't they ? It wasn't a hit and run incident, they were vandalizing the building , harassing entire neighbourhood for some times, the forces and photographer where there too, what happened? who are you kidding?  who was arrested? who will be arrested by whom? will they be shown in pyjama in courts? what happened for Kahrizak arrests? what happened to those who were involved in chain killings? What happened to all who accompanied Khomaini in Air France flight? what did they do with mad man, psychopath, bastard Khalkhali the butcher of Iran...............   


Do you think these holligans received permission and obtained permits for their destructions/demonstration, or permit only applies for opposition?  

My final word: If you and yours are confident about legitimacy of the most brutal theocracy regime in Iranian history, let's call for a referendum asking if people are satisfied with the regime and last fraduall election, under supervision of International observers.   





by cyclicforward on

I think Iranians are too kind to the IRI embassies. They should actually piss on it and the people who work in it.

No Fear

Babak ..

by No Fear on

You fit your own description as a person "who is absolutely not familiar with situation in Iran".

What you see in the video are people who are fed up with the corruption and mismanagement  that has poisoned many aspect of our existance in Iran and Karoubi  ( as a high ranking , long term , corrupt politician of IR ) has had his fair share of contributing to this corruption.

The proof is in the video. That apartment building in North Tehran belong to his family. Please explain to me, that how come someone who has been a public servant and held positions in Iran for the last 30 years and was an clergyman before that , can afford to live like this?  

To my complete astonishment, now i see retards on this site defending the likes of Karoubi, mousavi , rafsanjani, khatami whom  collectively represent everything that is wrong with IR. We should be putting these people on trial and have their financial books of each member of their family investigated. These people should be behind bars and no one should be complaining why we are spray painting their multi million dollar residences.

However, if we start breaking and damaging property , set fire and start rioting in the streets, then this constitute breaking the law and this must be prevented by security forces. This is not a hard concept to grasp, really. 

Even Karroubi can press charge against the demonstrator outside his palace , which i think his son is doing so.

I for one completely sympathize with the demonstartors and fully understand their anger. Unfortunately, this group of elite corrupt politicians believe they are not accountable for their past actions , but hopefully we will be able to change this forever in Iran.


babak pirouzian

Sargord:Every time you open your mouth, you remind me....

by babak pirouzian on

of Ahmadi Be-Nejad.... And you show your true thuggish identity. If people are dancing in front of IRI embassy or demonstrating in front embassies in various countries, as you know very well they are deprived doing the same in their home land, and if they do? you know the answer better than we do, because your uniform shows you are part of establishment. You know when they are arrested, they will be  tortured, raped and possibly hanged as " drug dealers". The other side of the coin is that if this incident happened against one of IRI thugs, like Ahmadi Be- Nejad, Ahmagh Khatami, Mesvaak Yazi etc, would the security personnel stand indifferent? or as we say the security and the entire basij, sepah, army, lebas palangi, lebas shakhsi, Ansar ol gov, etc all are coming with their guns and knives, electric apparatus and  would do "choob to pachash/aasteen" who ever is there, including passer by? So, leave us alone, spend your time and energy somewhere else and give your advise/suggestion to those who are absolutely not familiar with situation in Iran.      

Sargord Pirouz

You know, it's interesting.

by Sargord Pirouz on

You know, it's interesting. When acts similar to these are carried out by so-called "greens" on Iran embassies in Europe, they are applauded by certain commenters here at IC.

But when government loyalists inside Iran perpetrate these kinds of things, they are portrayed negatively and described as "thugs."

From a more mainstream perspective, I have to say this smacks of hypocrisy.  


I agree ... this is important

by pas-e-pardeh on

What animals are these?

David ET

Front Page

by David ET on

I think these two videos deserve a front page placement on instead of being burried in news section