Amputation for One Person and Public Flogging for Another

According to theweb site of the Public Relations Office of the Khuzestan Court House, the amputation sentence of one person was carried out in the Karoun prison of Ahvaz yesterday March 3. The person was identified as "Shoghi Z." (age not mentioned) and was convicted of armed robbery and Moharebeh according to the report. The report didn’t mention what parts of the body of the person were amputated, but according to the Iranian penal laws, moharebeh can be sentenced with amputation of the right arm and left foot.

According to the official Iranian sources, this is the fifth case of amputation in the city of Ahvaz during the last 12 months. The same web site, another person was flogged in public in the laleh square of Sosangerd (in the province og Khuzestan, southwestern Iran). The person was identified as "Mehdi H" and was convicted of disrupting the order. The report didn’t mention how many lashes the person was punished with Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights" said: "We condemn strongly these medieval punishments by the Iranian authorities". He added :"Torture, death penalty and terror are the main pillars of the Iranian regime’s policy toward the people".

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