Karroubi urges annulment of 20-year-old's death sentence

Mahdi Karroubi told a gathering today that “I have previously pointed out [the need for] changing the definition of Moharebeh [warring against God] in the current situation and have asked judiciary officials for its abolition.”

Speaking with with a society representing pre-revolution prisoners, Karroubi said, “some officials, unpremeditatedly or premeditatedly and even intentionally, called the streets protests and movements Moharebeh, and this is unfortunate.” The charge of Moharebeh is punishable by death.

Karroubi called the death sentence of Mohammad Amin Valian a “negative point” as he was only “taking part in street protests.”

“They don’t know that Iran’s reputation in the international community is tarnished with such acts.”

According to his party's official website Saham news, Karroubi stated that the death sentenced against the twenty-year-old student had had provoked the reaction of religious clergy, human rights groups, students and political groups inside and outside Iran and called on authorities to end the concerns surrounding the life of the young student.

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