7 Labor Activists Arrested

RAHANA – In a series of reports posted on its website, the Coordination Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organization (CCHFWO) has released the names of 7 labor activists who have been arrested in recent days.
On February 27, Fattah Soleimani, a labor activist who is a member of the CCHFWO, was arrested at his home in the Kurdish city of Oshnaviyeh by agents from the Intelligence Ministry.
4 other members of the CCHFWO, Rahman Ebrahim Zadeh, Hossein Pirvati, Samad Ahmadpour and Rahman Tanha, were also arrested in Oshnaviyeh on February 27, along with another activist Isa Ebrahimzadeh.
On March 2, Abbas Hashempoor, a labor activist was arrested by agents from the Intelligence Ministry in Oshnaviyeh.
Additionally, 5 other members of the committee have been summoned to criminal and revolutionary courts in Sanandaj.
In a statement posted on its website the CCHFWO has condemned the arrest of its members and called for unconditional release of all labor activists in Iran including Masour Osanloo the leader of the Tehran Bus Divers Union.

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