Arms trafficking to Iran, discovered by Romanian customs police

A Romanian customs control lead to the discovery of a arms trafficking network to Iran, French daily Le Monde reads. It all started after a Romanian customs control related to the legality of some arms transports where 200 gun sighting telescopes were discovered and another 100 in London. During the operation, five Italians and 2 Iranians are suspected of working for Iran\'s Secret Services were arrested in Italy, for illegal arms transport to Iran. Another 2 Iranians, for which the police issued arrest orders are in Iran. One of the arrested suspects was an Iranian journalists, accredited to Rome. One of the five Italians lives in Switzerland and another one is a lawyer in Turin and runs an arms import-exports company. The traffic started at least in 2007, and was based on a triangular system. Entrepreneurs bought legally guns in Europe, especially from Germany which were ordered by Iran. The arms were sent through Great Britain, Switzerland or Romania where they took the way to Iran, through other companies.

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