Womens Rights Improve Across the Middle East
The Middle East News Source / Benjamin Joffe-Walt
05-Mar-2010 (6 comments)

Yemen, Iraq and the Palestinian territories see regression. 
Women in the Middle East have made notable advances over the past five years, with modest overall improvements in women's rights, literacy, educational attainment, political participation and economic role, an extensive multinational study has found. 
The 18-nation study, led by the U.S.-based Freedom House, found that while on the whole, Middle Eastern women still suffer from a "substantial deficit in women’s rights" described as the "most severe" on earth, 15 of 18 Arab countries have seen increases in women's literacy rates and suffrage over the past five years.

Yemen, Iraq and the Palestinian territories, however, were each found to have seen significant regression in women's rights, amid rising religious extremism or internal conflict. 
Leading the way in the advances cited by the research group were Kuwait, where women won the right to vote in 2005; Algeria, where custodial mothers won recognition of their parental authority and proxy marriages were banned; and Jordan, which introduced increase penalties for so-called 'honor crimes', in which a woman deemed to have deviated from various social norms is murdered by a relative to defend the family's honor.   
The study found that women are now more likely to attend university in som... >>>

Anonymous Observer

Except Where IRI Has a Hand

by Anonymous Observer on

Here's the key phrase:

Yemen, Iraq and the Palestinian territories see regression. 

Places where the IRI is extending its nasty tentacles.   



The highly questionable claims of IRI supporters

by AMIR1973 on

So Iran has the highest literacy rate in the Mideast? Oh, really? Here is a link to a website that rates countries by female literacy rate:


Iran is ranked 141 out of 195 (between Cameroon and Libya). A number of countries in the Mideast have higher rates of female literacy:

Oman, Syria, Turkey, UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, both Gaza and the West Bank, Qatar, Kuwait, and Israel.

Here's a another link, where Iran is ranked 88 out of 141 (between Saudi Arabia and Cape Verde).


Again, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Oman, Libya, Turkey, UAE, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan, Gaza and the West Bank, Qatar, Kuwait, and Israel are ranked higher:



Marge and Q, I would love to see your evidence for the claim that Iran has the highest female literacy rate in the Mideast.  

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by Anonymous Observer on

This is not about the Pahlavis or any other king.  It's about deprivation of rights of more than half of the Iranian population, the Iranian woman, which you sadly claim to be one.

BTW, You really need to see a professional about your obsession with Reza Pahlavi.  Hiding behind a cartoon avatar doesn't seem to have worked really well with that issue. 

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Well, let's see Q

by Anonymous Observer on

Under IRI, Iranian women:

-Have to wear a mandatory hejab.  Otherwise they will be beaten and humiliated on the streets and / or taken to jail;

-Their testimony in court is worth half that of a man;

-They cannot become president or military officers;

-They automatically lose custody of their children in a divorce, which means that they have to endure the most abusive relationships just to have custody of their children;

-They cannot file for divorce (with very few exceptions); 

-Their husbands can marry multiple wives without their permission (even with permission it is abusive since they can be threatened with losing their children if they do not "agree" as the husband can threaten them with a divorce;

Need I say more?  I guess the IRI has bestowed "literacy" upon Iranian women as a tip for all the other elements of human decency that it has taken away from them.  And now it's exporting that wisdom to other parts of the world in which it has influence. 


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Q your statistics are not welcome

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Women's achievements only matter when there's a king there to take credit.


Isn't it also where US has extended its tentacles?

by Q on

Iran has the highest women's literacy!

you are so brainwashed!