Senator Kerry Tells Israel Not to “Jump the Gun” On Iran Attack
Prison Planet / Kurt Nimmo
02-Mar-2010 (3 comments)

Senator John “Skull and Bones” Kerry has traveled to Israel in support of a plan to wreck Iran’s economy over the Islamic nation’s imagined nuclear weapons program.

“One of the reasons so much dialogue is taking place,” said Kerry in Jerusalem, “is to make sure we are all on the same page that we are all clear what timeframes exist or do not exist, what threat levels may be real or unreal, what options may be on the table for us.”

One such option may include a blockade of the Arabian Sea mouth and the Gulf of Aden, according to DefenseNews. A senior U.S. government official confirmed that U.S.-proposed sanctions are likely to expand maneuvering room to board, inspect and
interdict shipping to and from Iran, an act that would undoubtedly be considered an act of war by Iran.

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I only wish

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........that tax payers knew why their lives been so miserable , with retirement plans down the MOSTARAH, kids college funds diapered, homes on foreclosure, jobs lost, cars repossessed, HEALTH insurance claims denied and  unemployment benefits denied by @sswipes like Bunning, one of the WORST of the  Senators.

Why  should they worry about this measly trip of bum kissing to Israel! that only cost a DIME compared to Trillions???

 After all, our livelihood depends on them. .......... harsh? deal with it


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on the taxpayer dime

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he had to go there to say it??? but voting for the iraq war was ok for him! makes you dizzy!