A Blueprint for Ending Human Rights Abuses in Iran
NIAC / Sam Shoamanesh and Dr. Trita Parsi
02-Mar-2010 (11 comments)

In a recent article published by the Harvard International Review, Sam Sasan Shoamanesh, a lawyer with the International Criminal Court, and Dr. Trita Parsi, President of the NIAC, called for a list internal and external measures that ought to be employed to improve the human rights situation in Iran. Reproduced below is a modified version of said article as published.

In a context where Iran faces the most intense political unrest since the founding of the Islamic Republic in1979, the increasing anxiety felt by hard-liners in Tehran creates a highly ominous environment where continued violence against defenceless citizens who choose to exercise their constitutional right to peacefully protest can be expected. Undeterred and steadfast, the Iranian ‘Green Movement' in its trademark peaceful pursuitof civil liberties and political reform will no doubt continue to renew its demands on the government. For its part, the latter is busy bolstering its security apparatus and techniques to silence the opposition. The statements of Mir Hussein Mousavi posted on his website Kalameh on Saturday 27 February 2010,support the notion that further protests can be expected.

Those in power in Iran must recognize that an environment plagued by human rights violations and impunity is conducive neither to reconciliation and internal stability nor to the country's rehabilitation into the international community. Widespread violation of human rights in Iran cannot and should not... >>>

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My Blueprint

by Pari on

1. People's struggle for democracy should continue through non-violance means.

2. Support of the world specially the democractic countries for the pro-democracy movement of Iran by way of leaders coming out and explicitly declare their support, crippling economic sanctions against IRI, and diplomatic sanctions.

3. Establishment of a temporary government after the criminal regime collapses.  Preparing the nation for a referendum overseeing by an international committee for establishing a new democratic system of government.

4. Conducting a democratic and fair trial for those reposbile for atrocities for the past 31 years.  We could grant amnesty to those who are truly sorry for what they have done and volunteer to provide the truth for what they have done.


negh neghoo iranians


how come trita did this, how come trita did that... its easy to complain sitting behind our computers.


infact, while we're at it, seannewyork , lets google why he lobbied to cut funding... ill make it easier for you, because ACTIVISTS IN IRAN said so! 


a first step suggestion to Trita

by fussygorilla on

If you are sincere in asking Iran to join ICC, why don't you ask U.S. (which you support) to join in first. Then, we'll talk about Iran.

Hypocrcy is showing through!


It is ironic and yet sad

by MM on

It is ironic and yet sad that if this article was written solely by Sam Shoamanesh, a lawyer with the International Criminal Court (ICC) and co-founder and Associate Editor of Global Brief magazine, it would have been hailed as a valuable addition to Prof. Sharp's 198 tactics for civil disobedience (Iran protesters: the Harvard professor is behind their tactics) that is custom-fit for Iran. 


Its contents are focused on enforcement of the internal laws that are currently on books to ease the pressure on the opposition, and to increase international pressures against the human rights abuses in Iran.  Although not a revolutionary change from the current sorry state of affairs in Iran, the sugestions provide a legal framework for a public outcry to challenge IRI’s inhumane treatments.  Instead, because Trita Parsi’s name appears as a co-author, old differences are highlighted and current article is ridiculed.


We cannot agree on some basic common denominators that unite us, and we just refuse to lay a brick in a wall that someone else starts.  I can just see IMF, SP, NF and …..you know who they are at IC!, Jumping up and down, relaying a message to headquarters in Ghom that “Go ahead my self-appointed god’s choice on earth.  Do as you please.  This opposition will not amount to much for another generation.”


Trita Parsi’s personal opinions have not changed since 2002 since I have known him.  However, the public policies of NIAC have changed because many members, including me have asked Trita to get involved more with the human rights violations committed by IRI and to be a conduit to relay that information to the US officials and to the US public.  Nonetheless, this is an Iranian struggle for freedom and President Obama, for the time being, agrees with NIAC’s position of engagement and targeted sanctions against IRI and sepaah resources/personnel.


They are good at showing IRI

by benross on

They are good at showing IRI how an election works. Now it's time to show them how a referendum works.

David ET

Capt have civil discussion, instead of meaningless one liners

by David ET on

I have no idea what you or Parsi are talking about!

Nothing in his comments/demands to IR are new! to be called "blueprint"!!! (may be to you or him who has since election joined the bandwagon) but if you need reminder just look only at Iranian.com for past so many years and see these demands have been asked by many ...

But as I said , better late than never but is good to also bring up the tardiness, so may be it would be a lesson for future... and that is my intention instead of sweeping the past/facts under the rug... 

If IR was open to suggested reforms ,they would not have opened guns on Iranians for years...

So if Trita wants to really offer solutions , I am all ears ...and meanwhile I welcome his or yours opposition to human rights violations (that existed for many years)... 

But if he or you still hope that this regime and its leaders may reform! the burden of proof is on you as we have 31 years of proof that your wishful thinkings has only been that!

Lip Service comes in different shapes and in different times... and often after the sun is out and noone can no longer deny its existence... 

visit: www.iransecular.org


Mr. ET

by capt_ayhab on

Not that I support either of you gentleman, but do you not think that instead of cheap talks on YOUR part you can propose a better and more effective plan and solution?

Or is it that, institution that you indulge in has become so far to the right [ever so wrongfully] that you have become way too accustomed to saying NO to everything?


David ET


by David ET on

As always is few years and steps lagging !

I already have the answer for all his demands from Islamic Regime : NO !

Now what?! 

He writes these so called demands as if while he was silent and prtoposing conversation with the regime for years, many were not demanding the same rights.

But I'd say better late than never and welcome, just that I am not sure if he ever stays ahead or will continue to fall behind because if he continues the same way, God forbid some may say :

naan ro be nerkh rooz mikhore! 


Jafar Panahi

by Rea on

Le réalisateur iranien Jafar Panahi, dont les films ont remporté de nombreux prix internationaux, a été arrêté à son domicile de Téhéran avec sa famille et une quinzaine d'invités, a annoncé mardi son fils sur le site d'opposition Rahesabz.


Someone mentioned human rights ?

by Rea on

Jafar Panahi has just been arrested.

Golden Lion, Venice Film Festival, 2000

Silver Bear, Berlin Film Festival, 2006



How Come Trita Lobbied to Cut Funding to Iran Human Rights Docum

by seannewyork on

Trita is changing colors in front of our eyes because his position got crushed, he has not leg to stand on.  Engagement was a failure.

 How come if he is so worried about human rights in Iran he said not a word in the past 31 years.

Also how come he lobbied to cut funding to Iran Human Rights Documentation Center when he got a grant from US govt.