An Intimate Photo Essay of the Pahlavi Family / Darius Kadivar
26-Feb-2010 (8 comments)

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi and his family live in a quiet suburb in Virginia quite far away from the Regal Life to which they were used to during the head of the family’s reign, that of Shah Mohamed Reza Pahlavi the last Persian King of Iran.

An Advocate for Democracy and Human Rights for Iran, Crown Prince Reza has been campaigning for a bloodless democratic transition in his country for the past 30 years. The current uprising of the Iranian Nation in the face of the violence following the Presidential elections of a Republic that ousted his family and ruling Father , the last Shah, it seems that the Crown Prince’s voice and blue print for change outlined in two books The Winds of Change and A Time of Choice ( L’heure du Choix, only available in French for the time being) have become a center of attention in the international and Persian Speaking/written Press. ( Read Reza’s Call: An Iranian Solidarnoc  by Darius KADIVAR).

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Let's be FAIR & FACTUAL...avoid the Gorillas' Daydreams...

by Just-The-Facts on

Regarding the slanted opinions made by "fussygorilla".

1.  Reza Pahlavi attends mainy fundraisers throught the country for the causes he supports. He also published two books, which have been Best Sellers in European countries.  Write books and make $$$ - Pretty basic concept.

2.  His wife, Yasmine, is a lawyer and graduate of Graduate of The George Washington University Law School (before she me Reza Pahlavi).  She is an educated and intelligent woman in her own right.

3.  Factual answers #1 & #2 should provide a partial answer on how they support their family.

4.  I seriously doubt his father walked out with billions...and there is no proof or facts to support that wild rumor.  There have been reports of millions of dollars, but that is NORMAL amongst world leaders, Kings, or even ex-Presidents of the USA.  A little logic and common sense needs to be applied here.  Ford, Carter, Reagan, the Bushes, the Clintons, and now Obama are millionaires...hell even these US Senators and Congressman are millionaires, too!

5.  Why are there posters in English for the demonstrations in front of the White House??? By simply examining the facts, photos, and videos of all Iranian demonstrations in Iran, Europe, the USA...any observant human being would notice they are ALL in ENGLISH.  English is one the universal languages on this planet, so it is smart move by the demonstrators to project their message - so that everyone understands their message and intent.





by Nur-i-Azal on

Can you tell us what your rahbar 'Ali Gedda does for a living besides sitting around all day smoking an opium pipe and ordering the brutalizing of the Iranian people, robbing the national treasury and selling off Iran's natural resources to foreign entities in a latter day economic capitulation scheme?

Reza Shah built Iran. Without him, we wouldn't even be sitting here today, and there probably wouldn't even be an Iran. Do you mind telling us who your family were and what they were doing and where they were from before Reza Shah? Propaganda is not history, and  the BS the Islamic republic peddles as history is not even good propaganda. It is pure fantasy.

But while we're on the subject, what do you do for a living?




by Nur-i-Azal on

While you guys are paid by the Russians to do pretty shody, piss poor work for them instead. I think in the greater karmic scheme of things that evens out the score. Reza Pahlavi does good work with CIA money while you guys do F- quality, crap work with Russian cash.


Reza who?

by fussygorilla on

no one answered my earlier question as to what this Reza does for a living.  The photo showing him with a bunch of exiles in London in 2005 shows his "charity" work?  How stupid do you think people are to buy this garbage? He is paid by the CIA for the good work he is doing for them. 

Darius Kadivar

ChraghAli Demand Satisfied !

by Darius Kadivar on

Here you are :

SOLIDARITY: Reza Pahlavi with Iranian Refugees in London (2005)

Anything else to satisfy Your Holiness ? ...


Wrong Picture

by ChraghAli on

I like to see his picture helping Iranian refugees or Iranian people in need. 

hamsade ghadimi

with all due respect, i

by hamsade ghadimi on

with all due respect, i think this piece was mis-categorized as news.  definition of news: information about recent and important events, previously unknown information.  this is more of a blog material.

fussygorilla, be kind.  now we'll barraged by all the things that previous regime bought for/brought to iran with iran's oil money versus what iri has done.  and if your questions are sincere, don't patronize so that the author won't get insulted and actually provides us with an answer.


Pahlavi daydreaming, again?

by fussygorilla on

Please let us know what this Pahlavi guy does for a living. does he have a decent job? How about his wife?  How do they support their family?  Oh, I guess I forgot the billions his father stashed away in Western banks!

p.s. Why are their posters in English and the location of their demonstration in front of the WH?

Iran had enough with his father and grandfather as phoney kings.