Iran's Nuclear Secrecy (video)
24-Feb-2010 (2 comments)

Bob Schieffer spoke with correspondent Chip Reid and The Carnagie Endowment's Karim Sadjadpour about the status of Iran's nuclear program and the international reaction. 

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Agha Karim

by HHH on

How the hell do you, IAEA or Washington know that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapon capablity? I like to know. Have you personally witnessed it?

Even IRI doesn't know what IRI plans to do.

If it's just a guess then we can guess too, who needs Carnegie, if higher enrichment to 20% is your clue then you don't know Iranian lower class who run IRI today and you don't know their "Neener-neener strategy". And 20% won't make a bomb.

Iran doesn't need a bomb, all it needs is for Israel and US to be guessing whether it does own one or not. That makes them avoid attacks on Iran which is IRI's purpose. IRI wants a few more decades in power to send $1 trillion more into their Swiss accounts.



by MM on