Learning to love 'regime change'
New York Post / Amir Taheri

With the International Atomic Energy Agency for the first time ever bluntly accusing the Islamic Republic of pursuing a military nuclear program, it's just as well that the Obama administration is finally changing its tune on the concept of regime change.

A year ago, the mere mention of that phrase in the presence of President Obama's associates would have been like waving a red cloth at a bull.

The issue of how to cope with the Khomeinist regime in Iran has plagued six US presidents. But Obama initially saw it in the same way he saw other major policy issues: Everything was the fault of George W. Bush, so he merely needed to do the opposite of what Bush did.
Biden: Admitting Iran's rulers aren't rational.
Biden: Admitting Iran's rulers aren't rational.

That analysis was based on four assumptions, all now being proved wrong.

The first was that the motive of Tehran's rulers, in their quest for a nuclear arsenal as well as their support for terrorist groups, was fear of an American invasion. Thus, the new president need merely provide assurances for the Khomeinist leaders to start changing their behavior.

Now even Vice President Joseph Biden -- who's been sympathetic to the Khomeinist regime from its early days -- admits that Tehran's rulers may indeed be prisoners of mad messianic dreams that cannot be accommodated through diplomacy.

Obama's second assumption was that the Khomeinist leaders hadn't yet actually decided ... >>>

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